Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Family Fun

Last Halloween post I promise. Jeez, for a girl who doesn't like the holiday, I've written about it and taken more pictures of it then I would have thought possible.

This weekend, the girls carved their pumpkins. Dad was thrilled with the little carving kit that I found at the grocery store. Who knew its claim that "works better than kitchen knives" would prove to really be true! Miss A wanted a beard with her pumpkin face, Miss M did all her own cutting, and Dad did the yucky job of digging the pulp and seeds out.

We tried roasting the seeds, but it wasn't a stellar performance by the mother, so alas, no pictures.

Nana did present the best looking pumpkin cake ever, complete with a ice cream cone stem! Way to go Nana. The girls loved it and, when Mr. C returned from church camp, he was duly impressed with your baking skills. At least once, I admitted I hadn't made it myself.

Mr C arrived in town Sunday at 5:00 p.m. and was just in time to join up with his buddies and spray paint their hair green alien style. He did admit that the alien glasses didn't help his vision much! I love the originality of the costume and the fact that it involved no blood, gore, or scary masks. Guess this year he left the blood up to his youngest sister. (That's a joke Miss A. we love you!)

Miss M was trick or treating with her posse of girls and she too made up her own costume. "The Thing" also known as the NU quarterback/ballerina with zebra leggings and high fashion sunglasses. She was beyond thrilled with her look so we were too!! Miss M had a great time at a Harvest Pot Luck before hitting the streets and loved that she scored 6 full-sized candy bars and the most original prize; an organic pop tart. No one has been brave enough yet to try it.

I'm just happy that now we don't have to be crafty or creative with costumes for another whole year!!

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