Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boys Weekend at the Lake or Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys. Give them an opportunity to be outside in great fall weather and they will just be "boys." Last weekend, my husband took Mr. C and three of his dudes to the lake for the weekend. Hearing about all the fun I had a few weeks ago with the girls at the lake, C was convinced that it should be his turn to just "hang" with some friends. Dad was the hero when he said he'd take C and a few friends out Friday night and that they could spend the entire day Saturday doing whatever they wanted.

I told them about the great trail we'd found, the fun we had taking walks around the lake, and the perfect opportunity to just relax. But boys being boys, they played football almost all day. Outside on the sand. Football.

No walks in the leaves, no strolling through the woods in search of pine cones and great treasures. They played football and did a little fishing. They never ventured beyond the backyard except to partake of the Taco Bar that Dad fixed for lunch or to grab a few bottles of water.

Now, in my mind, they could have done this all at home in our backyard. But my husband quickly pointed out that it would not have been the same. At the lake, they had no outside pressures, no electronics pulling them away, no chores or homework calling their name. While they are not super athletes playing on real football teams, at the lake, they could pretend to be superstars. They were boys just hanging out. Football was what they love to do. They could just run and catch and tackle without pressure.

They got to be just boys having fun.

As my son enters into manhood and leaves behind his childhood a little bit more everyday, I'm grateful that he has still has friends that allow him to just have boyhood fun. I'm thankful that I have a husband who leaves behind the pressures of life and work for 24 hours to just be there for my son. What a blessing to see that boys will just be boys no matter the age!

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