Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tea Party Time

It's Tea Party time again at Nana's House. Miss A had her second annual Nana and Granddaughter Tea Party and invited four of her friends from Kindergarten. I can't really express how excited this young lady was to have this day come.

Miss A has been thinking of who to invite since almost the first day of school. She and Nana have been talking for weeks about the party, invitations, menu items, and what type of craft they should make. Once she made up her guest lists, there have been many "secret" conversations between these girls about the fun ahead.

I told Miss A that she had to be careful not to talk about the party in class, as not every girl would be invited, and we didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. She was careful she said to only talk about at recess and then only when they were sitting in the tires and whispering.

The day of the party finally arrived on Wednesday and Miss A was so giggly that morning as we got ready for school. When Miss M and I arrived at the school doors at the end of the day, we were ready to take all 5 girls to Nana's House. The giggles and smiles were evident on all their faces. I'm not sure I've heard such high pitched laughter and giggles in my car in years.

Once at Nana's house, they got in their " dresses and hats" to be ready for Formal Tea. Miss M put on a hat and an apron and was ready to serve as Waitress Extraordinaire (a role both her brother and cousin have played in the past for her parties) Seeing these little girls all dressed up for the fun really makes you leap ahead in your mind to years down the road when these little girls will be young ladies.

Nana makes this event so special for the girls. Miss A and her little friends had a fabulous time. They learned a little about table manners, got to experience having English Tea Time, dressed up and acted like ladies, and had a blast. They made Thanksgiving centerpieces that were adorable and even had a chance to putt a little on papa's green. Not sure if that is part of the "traditional" English Tea, but they do golf over there.

One of Miss A's friends' cried when it was time to leave, she was having too much fun and wanted to stay. Miss A is already talking about next year's party and what they will do and who she wants to invite. I love her heart that she would really like to invite every little girl in her class, but knows that Nana can only handle so "many" girls at a time.

Tea Parties and Little Girls, is there anything better? I think not!

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