Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Tomorrow is no ordinary day"

The title of today's post comes from Miss A who told her sister that, "tomorrow is no ordinary day" as we were leaving Target for the 100th time loaded with school supplies.

I think we are almost ready. We have new school clothes, our backpacks are filled with new pencils, pens, highlighters, glue sticks and, of course, Kleenex boxes and Clorox wipes for the teachers. Apples are so old school; Now every teacher wants "germ fighters" like Purell to keep the bugs away!
In the past few days, we've tried to squeeze every last minute out of summer. We've had sleepovers and pool play dates with friends, we've gone to the Lake and climbed sand mountain, and we had our end of summer piano recital. Miss A's first and probably Mr. C's last.

Of course in the midst of all the joy of summer, there has always been that constant reminder that school is about to start. We've gone to "back to school night" three times at two schools, written checks for lunch accounts, yearbooks, pictures and tried out our new locker combinations. We've been thrilled finding friends in our classes and cried a few tears over classroom assignments that we're not what we were dreaming about, but have great potential.

Mr. C has the easiest transition ahead. He's the pro at junior high as the 8th grader, but we've told him that next year will be his nervous year. Miss M is thrilled that she's sharing a locker with her best friend even if she's struggling to get it open. Miss A was so happy that she already has a friend in classroom and a her table partner is a friend from church.

So indeed, tomorrow is not ordinary. It's gonna be an extra special day.

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