Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting A "Kick" out of turning Six!

Miss A had a fabulous birthday weekend. She was celebrated and enjoyed every minute of it.

It was a theme filled weekend. Everything had just a little "kick" to it. Friday afternoon, we had a blast at the pool and kicked our way to the deep end. Miss A loves using her mother's legs to climb down to the bottom of the seven feet. Of course, this means her mother can't sit on the lounge chair and read her book, but it was her birthday.

At the pool, Miss A and some friends kicked the pool towels off the chairs and used them instead to make a tent. Too bad the concrete was blazing hot, it would have been fun to hang out underneath for a long time.

"Present time" presented Miss A with her most favorite thing to kick around; a new pink soccer ball from her brother and sister. "Finally!" Miss A said when she opened the present, she's only been "needing" a pink ball to kick around for a year! Remember they kick better!

She got a big "kick" out of her present from Mom and Dad; a beauty salon chair and accessories which are perfect for her American Girl Dolls. She'd like all her friends to know that Miss A's Beauty Parlor is open for business. Thankfully, the scissors included are of the fake variety. We've already had enough drama in that area.

Continuing a new family tradition, we went to Five Guys for dinner. Not for their fabulous Hamburgers, but rather according to Miss A because they have the best Grilled Cheese in the World. While I think "the Guys" would appreciate the endorsement, I don't see this as an advertising focus anytime soon.

Saturday Morning found Mom and Miss A heading off to the Cookie store to pick up Soccer Cookies for the Soccer Birthday Party. Adorable is the only word to describe how cute those were and perfect to go with our theme for the party and match the treat bags and mini soccer balls.

Coach Andy came over for the party and helped the girls run a few drills in the backyard. Perfect for our soccer superstar. Sharks and Minnows proved that A loves to kick it around a bit and when she scored during the mini match you would have thought it was the World Cup!! Having a "real" soccer coach as part of the action made Miss A feel extra special. Even the fact that it was 90 degrees in the shade could not squash the girls excitement for this part of the party.

Of course, no real kids' party is complete without a pinata. However, we ended the kicking theme right there and instead took up M and C's favorite sport action and swung a bat at that Big Soccer Ball until all the candy flew to the ground.

We finished the weekend celebrating all the August Birthdays at Nana and Papa's house complete with individual cakes/cookies/blueberry buckle for each birthday girl or boy. There was talk of kicking the soccer ball around outside, but with the heat index in the 100's, we decided that Aunt J and Uncle S's gift of a American Girl Soccer Outfit for Ruthie was enough soccer action for the day!!

Turning Six is a Real Kick!!

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