Monday, August 30, 2010

Boys' Day at the Air Show

Saturday was the Father Son Annual Trip to the Air Show at the nearby Air Force Base. This is an event that Mr. C and my husband have been faithful to attend for nearly a decade. If I'm honest, I think my husband might have "dragged" me there a few years BK (before kids) and I think I left without my hearing and a neck ache from looking up so much.

C has always loved planes. His nightstand is filled with books about different types of airplanes and he can name anything that flies over our heads. Loves them. As a small child, he would line up plastic models of planes and match them to the pages of the book. Trust me he's tried to teach his mother the difference between a warbird and a fighter jet. Or something like that to no avail.

Having an entire day to wander about looking at planes is C's love language. It's my husband's too thus my trek there in the early days of marriage. The boys had a fabulous day. They packed a lunch, walked about looking inside planes, jets and helicopters, talked to the Air Force Academy Reps and then set up chairs and watched the "air." C got to meet a Tuskegee Airman from WWII, shake hands with a real life swamp creature (don't ask), and soaked up all things aviation.

This year the Thunderbirds were the headline act and, according to dad and son, they were worth the wait. These pilots are percision and perfection in motion.

After the Air Show, they continued their all boys day with dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. C's only complaint was that he was hoping to practice his newly acquired Spanish on the waitress, but she looked more Norwegian than Hispanic.

What a blessing it is to have opportunities for C and P to share a "love" and have some male bonding at the same time. I'm thinking that this will someday be a three generation event for C and P. Who knows maybe one day, C will be piloting one of those planes or recruiting students to his alma mater the Air Force Academy.

The sky is the limit so to speak!
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