Thursday, May 6, 2010

Who Says Family Reunions Can't Be Fun?

Cousins along the St Croix River

We just got back from a Family Reunion of sorts and I must admit my kids had a blast. (the Parents did too!) With both of us having very small families, we don't get invited to many weddings, baby showers or graduation type events. No big family reunions with matching shirts or entire hotel floors filled with cousins upon cousins along with those weird uncles and crazy aunts. We barely have enough people at a holiday dinner to justify a "kids table."

This weekend, however, we were thrilled to go to a second cousin's wedding and whoop it up on the dance floor just like a big "Greek wedding." Without the Greek Festivities of course, but it was in Minnesota so that's pretty exotic!

Miss M and Miss A dancing

Our entire Family took a road trip to the Twin Cities and got to see "family" and celebrate a wedding. We even took up a few hotel rooms and, on Sunday morning, the Breakfast Buffet at the Hotel was beginning to look a little bit like a real Family Reunion (but still no T-Shirts). I'm so happy my kids got to experience this, as Minnesota and our "Minnesota Family" hold some fabulous memories of my childhood. In fact, I can vividly remember dancing at the Bride's Mother's Wedding 30 plus years ago! Wow I'm getting old!!

Family Weddings are fun.

Nana & Papa with A and C

Miss A and Miss M danced their hearts out at the reception. Miss A was beyond worried before the dance that she didn't have a "partner" to dance with and was actually scoping out her 1 1/2 year old third cousin as a potential dance partner. Sadly, Mr Ben went to bed before the dancing began!

C and A Dancing

Dad and his "Girls"

Not to fear, however, as big brother, Uncle S, Papa and of course Dad were around to dance with her along with the big cousins and finally Mom! Miss M was whooping it up with Cousins N and the Minnesota Cousins and soon the shoes were ditched table side. Poor Mr C soon decided that the "guys" should head to the hotel room for a little PlayStation. Thank goodness for boy Cousins to hang with as you wouldn't want to put that "Cotillion Dance Lessons" to work would you!

Mr C and his Boy Crew- "When Can We Leave?"

Really Can We Leave Now?

Miss A and Her Uncle S twirling

Finally, it looks like we need to be planning our own wedding around here as Miss M caught the bouquet! Yep, our almost 10 year old daughter strategically planned to get in the middle of the group and used her softball instincts to catch the flowers. It was hilarious to watch the young single women look at her in shock. According to M, they should have known better than to stand in the front row," you knew she could throw farther than that." I'm just hopping she's OK with an arranged marriage and very, very long engagement.

Get Ready Miss M it's almost Tossing Time

Miss M with her prized bouquet
Family Wedding Trips now rank up with our kids' most favorite vacation ideas. Of course, we did more in Minnesota than just dance and eat wedding cake so I'll post on the rest of the fun next time!

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