Monday, May 10, 2010

Minnesota Part Two The Fun Continues

Visiting the Dock Behind Uncle K and Aunt L's Old House. Full of Memories for Mom and Uncle S so we just had to get a picture of "our kids" on that dock
The girls in our family want to move to Minnesota. Miss A and Miss M are convinced that Minnesotans have more fun, better shopping, greener grass, prettier flowers, and of course, Mall of America. I think in their minds you could go to MOA every weekend to ride the rides, go to American Girl Doll and shop your hearts out!

Coming down the stairs at Stillwater

Hamburgers and Malts at Leo's Malt Shop in Stillwater

Cousins- We missed Cousin L who was back at home for her Prom. I think Mr. C and Cousin A drank a Chocolate Malt in her honor.

They are having a hard time convincing my husband to make the move to this Northern Climate-Frozen Tundra Land. You see he's not easily fooled by the beauty of Minnesota in Spring. He understands that Spring comes after many long months of WINTER. You know those Minnesota Winters where you have to have a roof rake for the snow, where the sun doesn't shine very often in December, January or February, and where when it does shine you know that it is even colder because there is no cloud break. Needless to say, I don't think we will be moving, but we sure did enjoy our weekend in the Twin Cities.

We found this cute little shop with a basement full of Beads. A wonderful Art Teacher was working there and helped the girls make bracelets for the Wedding that night. Perfect!

Proudly showing off their new creations.

We had fun visiting the St Croix river town of Stillwater even if we didn't see the man swimming across the river on a raft to go to work like we did last time. We got to show off this quaint little town to our family, make bracelets in the jewelry shop, climb the stairs outside the cave, and eat great burgers at the Malt Shop. Miss A even got to go the new Teddy Bear Park which she loved and is begging us to take her back too soon.
Miss A and Dad went on an adventure at Teddy Bear Park. Climbing the Big Wall, sitting on a Teddy Bear's Lap and Crossing a Miniature Bridge over the River were highlights. Next time Mom gets to go too!

On Sunday, we had fun with the cousins at Mall of America's Nickelodeon Park. It's hard to beat an amusement park that's all inside with no bugs, no heat and the perfect size lines. Mr C found out he likes Roller Coasters, who knew? In the past, he's avoided the "fast rides," but this trip he tried a few out. Miss M went on the climbing wall with her cousins and made it all the way to the top to ring the bell. She, of course, rode every ride she could, but especially those that were fast, upside down, had steep drops and all. Miss A was tall enough to go on almost everything and seems to take after her sister in her willingness to try them all out. Good thing Dad is a good sport and joined them on the rides as they are really not my thing. I am great at holding things, watching from the sidelines and taking pictures. I figure someone needs to be "that person" right?

Miss A loved Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Blast. She made everyone go on this ride with her-many times. Good thing Dad didn't throw up!

Log Chute Ride. Loved their faces on the "falls" .
Mr. C ready to go on the "Pepsi Orange Crush" roller coaster. He ended loving it. Miss M and Dad went on it many times. Poor A went just once as the strap hurt her ear and she wouldn't go again.
Loved this picture that the "park" took, but wasn't sure it was worth the $10 purchase price, so I just took a picture of the picture. Evidence the Mr. C liked it.

Miss M was having such a great time on the rides that she couldn't be bothered to go to the new American Girl Doll Store inside MOA so Miss A and I enjoyed a little jaunt inside. It's nice, but having been to the Chicago Store and celebrating at the AG Restaurant on Michigan Ave and inside the Water Tower, it's hard to think of this store as more than just a small sampling of what American Girl has to offer. Miss A was thrilled to get her own American Girl Doll Store Red Shirt and had to wear it to Preschool a few days later.
Trademark Red American Girl Doll Bag. Miss A walked away with just a t-shirt this time, but a huge list of "things" she needs for her birthday. It is coming you know. Only 4 more months to go!

All in all we had a wonderful Spring Vacation to the land of 10,000 lakes and enjoyed some fun family time in the midst of this hectic end of the school year chaos. A family wedding, reunion and trips to Stillwater and MOA were just perfect for our family.

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