Thursday, May 20, 2010

Racing, Relays and Finish Line Nearing

It's the last week of school around these parts and my brain, bones, and heart are full so I'm resorting to a list of highlights. Too many important things to miss. Too little time to discuss.

1. Amazing Race Dinner: While our family was rooting for a different group to cross the finish line first (the Oklahoma Cowboys), we did enjoy our dinner out in honor of the "Brothers" at a local Greek Restaurant. It was the kids' first taste of Gyros and Baklava and saying Oompa! Full disclosure would say that Miss A did not go near a gyro when she saw Chicken Fingers on the menu, but she loved the honey-nutty dessert. I'm thinking this could be a new family favorite restaurant.

2. Monday will go down as the day that Mom spent "running" from event to event in order not to miss a minute of Field Day, Preschool Lunch at the Park, Barbecue Lunch at the Elementary School, and City Track Meet for Junior High. Running, Jumping, Swinging from Bars and Passing the Baton is not just for kids. That's what I felt like trying to get from here to there and back again.
3. Field Day was perfect. Miss M was sad to think this is her "last" one and the weather was slightly cool, but that didn't' stop here from wearing her new Justice outfit or giggling like crazy with her girlfriends. I got to help with the "Relay Race Station" and loved putting the kids through the drill. They loved doing the Grapevine.

4. Miss A had her own "Fun Day" at Preschool, but parents were not invited to the Bounce House or Paint the Building events. She loved the little ice cream cups with spoons attached and thinks we should maybe purchase some for home as "they are so easy to eat." The lunch afterwards with mom/dad and kids at the neighborhood park involved little actual eating of the lunch and lots of playing, or what Miss A would call a perfect event.

5 .Miss M's BBQ Lunch celebrated the end of 4th Grade and concluded her time in elementary school perfectly. Miss M is a little sad to say goodbye to her school and kept saying all week that she wished the days would slow down it was going too fast. Wait until she becomes the" Mom" and time really goes fast. Thankfully we'll never really leave the school as Miss A will start there in the fall.( It will like 15 straight years there when it's all done!)

6. City Track Meet. Fat Man's Relay. Third Place Finish. Really, what more is there to say, Mr. C is now a City Track Meet Medalist for the 4 by 100 relay team. His Jr. High got first place in the City and the Relay's Team Contribution pushed them over the top. The "team" won by only one point. Way to go Mr. C. Next year, he's hoping that the Golf Team will become an official sport rather than a "club sport" so he can join that team instead. Lots less running.

7. They celebrated "Summer Birthdays" this week at Preschool so Miss A got to bring the snack and juice boxes. We broke all the rules and ordered the Cookies from a local bakery with purple and green frosting. No less than 5 people came up to me with the phrase," You are breaking the no frosting rule." Yep, that's me a rebel and of course the fact that I had asked permission and the teacher planned on taking the kids outside to eat!!

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