Saturday, May 8, 2010

Double Digit Birthday

Miss M celebrating early last week in Minnesota

Miss M is turning 10 today. Double Digits. A whole decade. Impossible. Just weeks ago, she was the adorable little blond curly hair girl who loved twirling around the family room. Where has the time gone?

Miss M celebrating her 2nd Birthday in 2002. She'd just gotten the Blue Glasses that day and it really opened up her world.

We are celebrating today at the fields with Softball, Baseball, and Soccer Games along with Mother's Day dinner with Nana and Papa. She's waiting to have her "party" when it warms up a little around here as she wants to do a Lake Party again. By the way, it's only 49 degrees today!!

M last year on her 9th Birthday.

Miss M was such a happy little baby. She adored her big brother and was just like a little mother when Miss A was born. She's tender hearted, tenacious in her beliefs about how things should be, deep thinking, thrilled to be part of the action, but lalso oves to be by herself and quiet, she loves to read and finishes books in just a few days (just like her mother), her room is always just a bit "messy" but she knows "where it all goes and is," and she loves her family and God deeply. She loves dancing, softball, and is into roller coasters. Just last week, she went "Climbing" on the high rock wall at Mall of America and has no real fears.

Miss M and her best Friend AW at Family Fun Night at School. These girls can really giggle and have fun together -sleep overs are a favorite.

Miss M is always "Real" and is confident in who she is and what she is capable of doing. She's got big dreams for the future and I'm confident God has big plans for her. Being a middle child is not easy, but M handles with grace and has been the best big sister that Miss A could ever want.
Miss M and Miss A early on the morning of her 7th Birthday-2007
Happy First Decade Miss M! Your Dad and I are so thrilled that you joined our family on May 8, 2000 and can't wait to see what the next half dozen decades will be like!!

Love Ya Sweetie!!

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