Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Preschool Graduation

She's a Preschool Graduate so watch out world here she comes!
Miss A was so proud to walk across the stage and receive her diploma with a huge grin across her face and parents, grandparents, and big sister cheering her on from the pew. It was the perfect culmination for a great year. It was a great Redshirt year for Miss A.
In so many ways, Miss A is now ready for Kindergarten. She's confident, less shy, and so ready to learn. In fact, I'm not sure her Kindergarten teacher is going to be able to hold her back from learning "everything."
We had the best Preschool teachers ever. Miss Judy and Miss Sue loved her up, challenged her to assert herself, and encouraged the girls in class to be friends. It was extra special that Miss Judy was Mr. C's preschool teacher as well and was one of those adults early in his life who encouraged his inquisitive side. All these years later, it was fun to see this teacher encouraging another child in our family to reach for the stars. What a blessing to be back at this great Preschool for our final year.

Miss A has so many adorable little Preschool girlfriends from this little class. Seeing her giggle and play with these girls in our home and at the park have done great things for my heart. I was a little worried last year after Preschool when there were no "friends" that Miss A had a connection. The girls have big plans for this summer with play dates at the Lake, meeting up at the park for picnics, and of course ,another adventure at the bowling alley. I'm sure there will be lots of giggling, dress up, and singing involved as well.

I'm so excited for our little Preschool Graduate. She' s gonna knock the socks off of Kindergarten!

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