Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Winter Go Away

We are not wearing our PJ's inside out tonight. There will be no flushing of toilets at 9 p.m. We are not going to be watching the news hoping to school our district has cancelled school tomorrow.

I'm just like the little boy in the Seuss Classic "I'm Not Going to Get Up Today." I'm not going to take another snow day!!

We just started back to school today after two weeks of Christmas Break. Well, actually, Miss A's preschool started yesterday and since she goes MWF she went, but the big kids went today for the first time in two weeks and 1 day (Monday was a Teacher Work Day!! Yeah that's what I was asking, too!)

However if you watch the news it looks like this might be a one day week as far as school goes....

Evidence That Winter Needs to Take A Hike

1. My car's temperature reading started at 23 degrees today at 8:45- by the time we got to school about 1 mile away it was 4 degrees.

2. When my husband and son waited in hubby's car for the bus this morning at 7 a.m, the temperature was -16 degrees.

3. They are forecasting 4 to 7 more inches of snow tomorrow and we are running out of room to put the stuff. Miss M suggested that we start an assembly line and move the snow to the middle of our front yard or better yet Mr. C thinks maybe we should shotput it over the house to the backyard. Our driveway can't fit anymore. Soon, we won't be able to see our next door neighbors.

4. Most of the side streets in our fine city has been turned into one ways- they are too narrow for two cars. Today alone I had to back up once to let a car through, and waited in many a opening in front of driveway to let the other car pass me.

5. My daughter's teacher sent home some Reading homework that is not due until the 12th-thinking she might not see the kids again until Monday!!

6. Today, at Target, we restocked our pantry and fridge because I refuse to go outside my home when the temperature is -30 plus like they say it will be on Friday. I actually thought about buying powdered milk to keep "just in case," but wasn't willing to go that far.

7. We checked out movies today at Family Video and the gentleman said not to worry because they weren't due back until Sunday. "You should be able to get out by then!"

8. Finally, I'm at the point that I can't stand the smell of Hot Chocolate anymore. I've made so many pints/gallons of the stuff this winter for kids coming inside from the "shoveling, sledding and freezing" that I'm just sick of it. Today, I bought Apple Cider for a change of pace.

So, Old Man Winter take a hike. Usher in some sunshine, temps above freezing, and some snow melt and I'll be happy once again to talk about how it's not to bad to live in the Midwest. Our winters are mild and our summers are delightful.

What was Mr. Gore saying about Global Warming. Right about now, we could use a little right over my "neck of the woods."

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