Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lovin' Normal

This has been a week of "normal." No new snow, no sub zero temps, Preschool and School have been back in session (finally) and life has gotten back to routine.

I love normal.

I love routine.

I even love boring. It's how I roll. Give me a week with a blank calendar and just my normal appointments, activities and errands and I'm one happy momma. I love the fact that my new Beth Moore Bible Study has started and a I have a blank workbook to complete. I love that it's January and my calendar is crisp and clean.

I'm grateful for the blessings of normal.

I realize however for the people of Haiti there is no normal anymore. Their world has been "rocked" in more ways than I can count.

As I've gone through the last couple of days, I've been praying and thinking about mothers in the midst of the earthquake and felt deep sorrow for them. Sorrow that it will be a long time before they get back to "normal."

Our family is blessed to sponsor a little boy through World Vision. He is a young man in Ghana who goes to school, helps his parents, and loves soccer. A child whose life has been changed because of a small gift we send each month. Really not that much, not a great sacrifice, but enough to make a difference and help him and his family have a better "normal." In his Christmas Letter to us, he was so excited to have a "family" in America. He is so proud of his community and his parents who work hard as farmers. He drew us a beautiful picture of his family's house.

World Vision has children in Haiti, too. They are children who are sponsored by families around the globe and get warm meals, education and support. I'm praying for those little children just like I'm praying for our child Shakum in Ghana. Praying that the wonderful ministry that World Vision has been doing in Haiti for years will be an even bigger blessing now as they move forward with rebuilding the country.

It's a blessing to wake up and Praise God for the "normal" and to Plead with God for that blessing for others around the world too!

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