Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In Which I Learn Not to Play Monopoly with a 5 Year Old

Miss A and I got a few things done today! It was sunny outside so we opened the drapes and got to work on our chore list. OK, so really I opened the drapes and Miss A sat around in her pj's all morning ordering me around while she played on the computer and I dusted, baked, and got dinner going.

Ah, with a cleaner house this afternoon and fresh chocolate chip oatmeal cookies in the cookie jar, nothing could be finer. Except the fact that Enchiladas are ready to pulled out of the oven once the dancing girl and her father get home and we have set the table. There are even clean clothes in all the rooms and not a stitch of laundry in the hampers or laundry room. Yeah for mom!!!!!!!

Somehow, I decided in the midst of all the fun that we should play the Wii. I challenged Miss A to a game of tennis. Promising her that I know how to play tennis, she seemed unconvinced. Problem one; I don't know how to play the Wii. I plugged it in, no noise or picture. I read the instructions and the same problem. Guess you could same I'm "tech challenged." She comforted me with the words that maybe I could call dad at work or brother at school as they "know these things." She might have even handed me the cheat sheet instructions my husband and left for me. No luck. Problem number two: no one had clarified that it's red,white,yellow left to right, not right to left. What are in China, now!!

Finally, I gave in and out comes the Monopoly Junior Princess Edition. Can it really get any better? She was thrilled and no sweating was involved. However, she took me down. She bought every piece of property and put her little purples castles on them. Those she didn't buy, she got through "chance card" and, meanwhile, poor mom kept getting the "go to lunch" card and the skip go and go to John Smith's Place. Of course, she owned John Smith.

Seriously, the look on her face was priceless. She thought it was too cool to be beating mom. She watched the board like a hawk and made sure I paid up every time I landed on her precious little purple castle's home. Cha Ching!! Occasionally though, a little bit of guilt would surface and she'd slip me a $5.00 bill to keep me solvent. Of course, on my next turn, I'd be back at John Smith's place. Cha Ching!!

Miss A even wanted to keep the board out for her brother and sister to see her winnings and her purple castles. I, of course, conveniently forgot and said I needed to vacuum before they came home. Oops!

Next time, I'm challenging her to scrabble. I might not be the world's best speller, but I can beat a 5 year old who can barely read!!

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