Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Friendly Movies Friday: The First of the 2010 Reviews

Baby it's cold outside how about a few Family Friendly Movies to snuggle up with and enjoy?

Paradise Texas: A washed up Hollywood Actor takes his family "on location" to his hometown for a low budget movie hoping to recapture his marriage and children along the way. Mack Cameron left this small town years ago in search of fame and fortune, but lost himself in the process. This movie is also about a small town boy whose talent for acting and dancing disappoints his father who thinks it's not macho enough. When he gets a role alongside Mack, he thinks his future is set and all will go his way now. This film has many a tale inside it' some sad and broken, some hopeful and family building. It tells the story of a family struggling and a father trying to get it all together before he loses it all. This is a story of redemption and hope along with a message that judging others and typecasting can get you in a heap of trouble. A great family night movie.

Frank: This is a fun movie about a "city family" that spends its summer on an idyllic island with all sorts of charm. The only problem is a rumor about a wild animal on the loose. When six year old Patrick discovers that the animal on the loose is really a lovable Frank, a slobbering and lovable pug with tons of charm. We laughed, we cried and we cheered through this touching tale of fun. I think all three kids begged for a dog too, but I'm not giving in! Mark my words.

The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin: I'll admit I love the Disney Classics. This 1967 movie is downright slapstick humor. It's lovable and goofy all at the same time. Set during the California Gold Rush, it's as hilarious tale about an "East Coast" elite child and his butler who go out "West" to rebuild the family's wealth, and their adventures along the way. There are "good guys" and "bad guys" a love story and a moral lesson all wrapped up in this cute story. All three kids and even dad were cheering and jeering the good and bad. We cracked up over the "special effects"and how bad they really were. Let's just say it's not Disney's best but it provides enough laughs to make it worth the time. These days we've got lots of time inside to kill, and this made for a fun afternoon.

Dunston Checks In: Is there anything funnier than an Orangutan's shenanigans? Not according to my kids' laughter as they watched this movie and nearly rolled on the floor time and time again. While a hotel manager and his tow mischievous children attempt to impress their elite guests, a Jewel Thief checks in with Dustin the Orangutan who knows how to scale walls, unlock windows and find hidden jewels among the unmentionables. The plot is thin, but the laughs and antics are big and often. I mean really how often do you get to meet an orangutan up-close?

The Ultimate Gift: This is the lone "deep and meaningful" movie among today's selections. This is a story about a young man whose wealthy grandfather dies. Thinking that he'll be getting a big inheritance, he is surprised instead by the life lessons his grandfather has planned for him. A trust fund child who has never held a real job, or made a difference in someones life, Jason's experiences impact him in big ways. Wrapped up in this movie is a strong message of giving back, staying the course, and learning to trust and love. Both C and Ma loved this movie and we were able to have some great discussions about the message behind the movie. This is a classic feel good film that leaves you wanting to go impact your world. Only thing missing from this film is a stronger message about the "ultimate gift" Jesus!

Family Friendly Movie Friday is a Monthly Feature on this blog: Next in the series some excellent movies on Hallmark Channel and the Gospel Music Channel.

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