Friday, August 14, 2009

Last Blast of Summer

School starts for the big kids on Monday. Just when the weather starts to heat up around here the school doors open. What's wrong with this picture?

We are trying our best to fill our days with as much for as possible before routine is forced upon us. While I love the new notebooks, pens and color coded calendars that a new school year brings, I've been loving summer this year.

We've spent countless hours at the pool, at the Lake House, and just hanging out. We've dined al fresco on our back deck, had friends over to play and C has played countless rounds of golf. We've enjoyed the summer and it's laid back attitude. No big plans, no huge responsibilities, nothing, Nada that could not be put off for another day. Just like Summer was intended.

I've been prompted lately in my heart to carry this summer attitude into my fall planning. To not over schedule. To not take on more volunteer jobs or responsibilities than I can handle. To enjoy my family and the season.
With A red shirting kindergarten this year and C entering 7th grade, I'm beginning to realize that very shortly this season will come to an end. Next fall, I will have no one at home during the day with everyone off to school. I'll have plenty of time then to volunteer and do projects for church, school, or myself.
This fall I want to have a little summer every week.

* A free day each week with A to play or go somewhere.
* Fall dinners al fresco on the deck with the deck lights on and the grill fired up.
* Evening games of soccer in the backyard or Scrabble contests over a bowl of popcorn
* New projects started on my knitting needles: felted purses, cable knit scarves and maybe just maybe I might think about sewing again.
* Teach A some reading basics and work on letters and sounds. She'll get some of this in preschool, but I'm thinking she could be reading by kindergarten if we worked at home too.
* Work with the Girl Scouts to give back to our community in some big way: I might even teach them to knit !
* Teach M how to latch hook. We have a pillow kit to start with.
* Challenge C to practice golf this fall so that he can beat his grandfather next spring.
* Encourage my kids to invite friends over more. I want to be a welcoming house. Less activities scheduled should free up time for more of this and give me time to make snacks and keep the house up and ready for visitors.
* Be consistent in my morning devotion time, don't just do my Beth Moore Bible Study actually spend time in the Word for the sake of growing rather than learning.
* Find time to have a date night once in awhile
* I'm looking forward to a new year. I know for some a new year starts in January but I also think of September as the beginning of a new year. I have my fresh Desk Calendar all started with perfect color coding and lots of open blanks that I'm hoping to keep that way!!
Come on Fall Bring it On!!

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