Saturday, May 30, 2009

There Goes the Neighborhood.

My husband got a cool new grill cover for his birthday in March. We just put it out this weekend. It's been cold and windy until recently and we were worried about storms taking the grill cover away. We wanted it to stay nice so we waited. It looks fabulous.

The only problem. The big Burnt Orange Longhorn in the middle. We live in the middle of Big Red Country. Where people not only bleed red they live it day in and day out. I'm an alum.

My husband is an alum of Texas (or as he says a "Texas Ex").

While I'm ok with this homage to the Longhorns, I'm worried about the neighbors.

On the one hand, it's on the back deck so not as much traffic. We have black and white patio furniture that looks great with the grill cover and a grey house with black shutters so the theme works. It's just that burnt orange in the middle.

I think Red goes better with grey and black. How about you? Guess you could say it's a good thing we have a few months before football season heats up.

On a serious note; our tomato plant is growing. We need to stake it this week. Even though I didn't give in to the topsy turvy plant the kids wanted, I think we might have big juicy tomatoes this summer.

Who knew I could grow things...

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Anonymous said...

Well...I'm sorry our gift has caused you so much angst! :) We'll have to think of an equally noticeable gift to give a certain Nebraska fan we know!