Thursday, May 14, 2009

MAY: The Month Of Chaos and Thanks

May, the month that produces insanity in mothers with school aged children. I used to be what my grandmother called a May Person that is someone who loved the month of May and looked forward to it all year long.

My birthday is this month. My oldest daughter's birthday is this month. It's finally looking like spring around here.

But it's also MAY. The month in which the school, preschool, sports team, church, etc. try to cram in as much as possible before summer vacation starts. We've had two band concerts, honors night at school, baseball and softball games along with practices, dance recital practices, scouting events, field trips and, of course, end of the year projects. I'm not loving May so much this year. It's been too busy.

It's hard sometimes to catch your breath in the midst of all the chaos. I'm trying to savor the moments and remember that, in a few short days, school will be out and we'll have a long summer ahead of us for sleeping in, having fun, and enjoying the quiet.

I'm also trying to keep in perspective that this too shall pass and, if I get too wrapped up in the chaos, I'll miss the joy. I know deep in my heart that these moments are fleeting. These days of busyness are just a season in my life. Someday, the shoes that overtake my laundry room will be gone and in their place will only be memories. I don't want to just "go through the motions" I want to live and enjoy.

A family at our church this week was in a horrible car accident. Their four year old daughter died as a result and the rest of the family has injuries to the body and hearts that will take a long time to heal. In an instant, their lives have been changed. Knowing this, I have a different outlook on MAY. I now see it at as the month in which we get to do a lot of fun things.

Just think if I had not had "checked out" of these events and gone only through the motions to survive May, I would have missed...

I'd miss the look on M's face when she saw that her brother and sister had given her Bendaroos (as seen on TV) for her birthday.

I'd miss the goofy look on C's face when I made him have his picture taken last night at Honor's night. He so did not want to go and we made him. We might have promised ice cream afterwards, but we said he had to go because of his commitment to the school. Summa Cum Laude is something to be proud of. All A's. I'm so proud of this young man.

I'd had been too busy to catch A's joke last night when after dinner my husband said "Go in Peace and Serve the Lord" and I said "Thanks be to God" and A said " Let's go have a donut".

She was referencing the end of our church service when the worship leader says these words and then she gets to go out and have a donut before Sunday School. We are not sure if she intended to be funny or not, but we got a good chuckle.

I realize today more than ever that having these moments are priceless. Not only do they shape our family, they shape our future. Sharing moments at Zoo Field Trips, Field Day, Brownie meetings, and Boy Scout ceremonies cement us together. They make us a family.


jenn said...

How true this is. I sit so often and look at my kids knowing they will never be the same as right now. All of a sudden the clean house doesn't seem as important.

Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing this. I have been reminded lately to be thankful for what we have and just to stop and be still. It's hard sometimes.

I am so sorry for the family at your church. My heart aches for them. I can't imagine.