Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer's Off To A Big Splash

The weather was perfect this weekend. Sunny, warm and occasionally even a cool breeze.

We enjoyed not only a great baseball and softball game but a wonderful weekend away at the Lake.

You might say a few of us have sunburns this morning that are preventing us from doing much that getting organized and cleaning. Guess I was not as good at reapplying the sunscreen as I thought, or our skin was so shocked to be so bare and see the sun it just got overly happy and red.

We had a great Sunday night fire pit with smores for all and great company. The neighbor's grand kids/family are perfect compliments to our kids/cousins and the shore and docks were busy this weekend.

My husband and I got to enjoy a few moments alone with A on the paddle boat. She is without a doubt funny. A fishing boat with a motor was coming down the cove with a big shore station on top of it; he was bringing it down the cove to it's owner.

A said, " Look he brought his Roof with him!".

M and C took to the water again like the water rats they are and C was thrilled that he was able to catch a fish with his new rod. Lots of time spent on the dock, but final success made it worth the time and energy.

M continues to be the dare/ extreme sport person in the family and she loved every moment of tubing they could do. No fear!! She also caught both a toad and a turtle. Thankfully she believes in catch and release as I'm not quite ready to add a few reptiles to our family.

What a blessing it is to get away from it all and enjoy time with our family, my parents, cousins and Aunts and Uncles. The memories we are creating and the family spent will last a lifetime.

Thank you to all the soldiers, wives, husbands and military professionals who gave their lives, time and strength to make our relaxing Memorial Day Weekend at the Lake possible. I salute you!!

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