Saturday, May 23, 2009

School's Out. Schedules Relax.

What a week! Wednesday, we had no less than 5 events; 3 of them at the same time. My husband joked with the baseball coach that if only he believed in plural marriage. We could have used an extra person that day to help with running, attending and cheering on the kids.

That night alone, we had "Preschool Non-Graduation", Brownie Fly Up Ceremony to Juniors, and our son's Baseball Game across town. Of course, I also was in charge of getting 10 gallons of ice cream to the ceremony. It was a good thing that C was around to help that afternoon. We couldn't bring the ice cream up to school until that afternoon when there was room in the freezer to store it all.

A finished Preschool and, since she's not attending Kindergarten next year, didn't graduate, but had a fabulous time attending the ceremony as there was cake involved. Instead, Nana and Papa bought her a Beginner's Bible to celebrate her "graduation." She was thrilled.

M is now a Junior Girl Scout and we had a fabulous all school ceremony with the Brownies. Ice Cream Sundaes for all 150 people. Next thing up is camping in July at an air conditioned Lodge with a swimming pool. What a smart leader she must have. (OK, its me) 3rd Grade is now over and she got a fantastic report card. We are so proud of the hard work she put out this semester. Honor Roll Girl.

C is finished with 6th grade. After two years with the same team of kids and teachers, he'll move to the other side of the building in the fall. 7th Grade seems so grown up. He finished strong with all A's. Golf and Summer Boy Scout Camp are on his agenda this summer along with "hanging out." My husband says I should anticipate a lot of "vegging" as it's what 12 year old boys do.

I'm excited to think that I will be spending less time in my car and at "meetings". My plan this summer is to work on the gardening gene, teach some kids how to do laundry, and knit something like a felted purse.

Hello Summer.

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Wendy said...

Teach the kids do laundry! I like that idea!

Hope you had a great school year!!