Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nothing Is Mundane Around Here: Laughs, Giggles and "Gas"

Not a great title I know. I was a history major, not a journalism major. Sometimes the crazy mundane things of life just make me laugh. I'll admit that it's totally random, but so is my life right now!!

Yesterday, we went to the Children's Museum for about 1.5 hours at the end of the day. It was a spur of the moment idea as it's been a little chilly and cloudy here lately. We had a late softball game and afternoon dance so in between we took off downtown.

On the Front Steps of Sesame Street . I need to find this same picture 4 years ago when another Sesame Street Exhibit was in town and we took a kids picture on it's steps too.

While C is getting a little too old for the place, we had a great time with little to no crowd. The Sesame Street traveling exhibit was fun. It was on the human body.

There was one portion of the exhibit that my kids especially enjoyed. We spent alot of time at the "Everyone Poops" Exhibit. There was even canned tooting coming from the machine and visual effects. This is just what three stir crazy kids needed.

The poop machine and the fabulous poster...

Can I just say I'm not sure how mother's with multiple boys do it. I'm sure the "body function jokes" really abound in your home.

On the way home in rush hour traffic, we were listening to the Jonas Brothers CD. The original one. We have favorite songs #1, #9, #13 and #14. If you hear #9 coming from the backseat, it means turn to forward ahead to that song.

Yesterday I heard this comment. "Isn't Joe so funny?" said A.
"Who is Joe?" said C.
" You know Joe Jonas, isn't he so funny." said A.

This was seriously just out of the blue. We'd not been talking about the Jonas Brothers, just singing along with their CD. We all thought she was talking about some Sesame Street Character considering where we had just been. No she was talking about her favorite Jonas Brother!

Yes, she is 4. Don't judge me. It's hard to keep them away from the big boy bands when they have older siblings. We can't listen to the Wiggles in our car or the older children would revolt. We listen to KLOVE, Toby Mac and Chris Tomlin along with an occasional Jonas Brothers or George Strait. It's all about cultural diversity.
Dance pictures were the other day. M is in 7 dances and A is in her first recital. Thankfully, both girls had pictures on the same day. Of course, it was a two hour ordeal with a lot of changing. Those of you with girls and dance understand what I am talking about. M has been dancing for the last 6 years and this was the first time anyone ever game me the idea of double tights. Instead of taking the tan jazz tights off for the ballet picture and trying to get pink tights on hot legs, we doubled up and put them over. Pure Genius, I tell you!!!

A was so excited to be there, and watch the "big girls" practice their dances and change clothes. Poor C had to come up for the last 15 minutes and wait outside in his baseball uniform as he had a late game across town and my husband was at a meeting. I think he's thankful everyday that he is a boy!!
**** Finally if you know our family in real life, or just on the blog, would you please be praying for C over the next week. He is off to Boy Scout Camp on Sunday for a week. Last year, while he was there, a tornado touched down at another Boy Scout Camp and killed 4 boys. He spent a few hours huddled in a "tornado shelter of sorts" riding out the storm with the entire camp. He was safe, but his whole camp was aware of the loss/destruction at the other camp. We've been praying for calm cool weather next week. It's going to be a great week of fishing, camping, and space exploration, but moms do worry about the weather. Thank you.

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