Tuesday, June 9, 2009

VBS: Very Busy Summer

This is Vacation Bible School week (VBS) at our church. My girls are having a blast. Between having nightly sleepovers in M's room and full mornings of fun, they are tired. In addition, it's dance recital week and grandparents arriving later this week from out of town and we are busy. We are looking forward to a fun weekend with ball games for both kids, the recital, and visiting. Of course, the best part will be that C will return home Saturday morning from Boy Scout Camp.

The moment C left for Boy Scout Camp on Sunday, A cried. However, she quickly realized that this might mean sleepovers every night in M's room. Somehow they have made the assumption that they can only sleepover when brother is gone. I'm not going to debunk this rumor!

I'm working VBS this week, organizing the outside recreation or Gator Games as they are called. I was thinking outdoor games would result in a great tan, but the weather has been in the 60's with lots of clouds, drizzle and breezes. Let's just say that tomorrow they are forecasting storms for the day and I'm dreading finding space in the church for the "inside games".

On top of that, organizing and setting up games for kids 3 to 11 is exhausting. There is always more time than games, weather issues that prohibit certain activities, and supplies that should last for 3 groups which end up making it through one group. I came home yesterday with a hoarse voice from talking to 240 kids. As I have said before, I don't know how teachers do it every day.

At times like this I wish I could be a "spectator parent"at these events. While there are some very legitimate reasons why parents can't volunteer or help with programs like VBS or numerous other programs, it seems like everywhere I go it's the same core people doing the work. While at times, I want to be the drop and go parent, the reality of what I'd miss out comes back to me and I realize that they are the ones missing out. I sometimes feel that way with C's Boy Scout activities since my husband handles that one for us and I am rarely involved.

Yesterday, at Games, both girls ran up and gave me huge hugs. They were so thrilled that their mom was helping out. Today, the same story. I know that I'm doing this for them. We can come home together, laugh about the skit together, and belt out the lyrics with the VBS song's CD together.

But still sometimes I wonder...Why did I think we were taking it easy this summer? When does that start?

I'm hoping next week we can just take it easy, with lots of pool time and some great family walks. Who knows now that I've become an expert on Outdoor Games maybe I will take the kids to the park and organize the neighborhood kids for some freeze tag, silly string wars and blanket races. Not!!

Next year, I'm volunteering for ______ Duty. I think after almost 10 years of helping with VBS at various churches I deserve a cush job. I'm not telling you what it is so that I can make sure and beat the rush for next year!

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