Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Race Begins Again: Amazing Race

We love Sunday nights around here. After a great day of worship, rest, and usually a few chores or softball/baseball games, we are ready to kick back and watch some great television. You know the kind you can watch with your entire family and not blush or cringe or worse yet, shake your head in disbelief and walk away.

Around here, we love Amazing Race It's fun, educational, laughable and for the most part family friendly. I've waxed on in the past about why we are such big Amazing Race fans and how we cheer each team to victory, especially our "own teams.

This year, we had a NFL draft of sorts to pick our teams. Miss A had watched the first episode with her Nana and came up with her list of who she thought each team should "go" to, along with "names for teams." Once the rest of our family watched the episode Monday night (love you DVR) with Miss A sitting on her hands and zipping her lip, we had our little Draft.

You see, while some of us would be willing to just draw names out of a hat and take our chances, others are a little more set on who they think they should have. Who knew team color and cuteness played such a factor in ability to race around the world!

This year we compromised. OK, really we always let Miss A win and now Mr C and Miss M are catching on and making demands themselves. Come on people, shouldn't the parents get to "win" once in awhile? But, I digress.

After pulling names out of a hat, we allowed "Free Agents" to be traded. You can read here; the good teams went to the children. In other words, Miss A, Miss M and Mr C all got exactly who they wanted and the parents were stuck with the leftovers.

Just to prove my point, one of my teams has already been eliminated. Of course, it was the restaurant I was most excited to go to!! Let's just say next season, I'm stacking the deck in my favor so don't tell anyone.

I now present Amazing Race Season 17: Our Teams -everyone gets two teams

Miss A: Katie and Rachel-The Volleyball Players
Our most favorite Japanese Restaurant ( yes this place won before, but not with her)

Connor & Jonathan- Team Glee
Hy Vee Pizza ( yes it's a grocery store, but she LOVES it!)

Miss M: Nat & Kat- The Lady Doctors
Local Tex/Mex Restaurant with a Homemade Tortilla Machine

Gary & Mallory- Father & Daughter (she's a former Pageant Girl)
The Pizza Place Takeout and Family Movie Night

Mr. C : Michael & Kevin: Father & Son ( C thinks the son is really smart)
A New Sushi Restaurant ( Miss A hopes they have rice!)

Nick & Vicki: The Tattoo Couple (* story to follow)
A Dive Taco Joint near downtown-great food, seedy area

P: Chad & Stephanie: The Cute Stupid Couple ( Dad always gets this "group")
A Family Owned Diner-With Great Hot Beef Sandwiches

Brook & Claire: The QVC Hosts ( same theme as team #1 - just best friends)
A Bohemian/German Restaurant -known for Dumplings and Kraut

J: Andie & Jenna: Birth Mom and Daughter-Just reunited
Thai Restaurant They were eliminated this week

Jill & Thomas: Newly Dating Couple
BBQ & Blues Joint - I love their red cabbage slaw, it's to die for!

* Nick and Vicki the Tattoo Couple in episode one were complete idiots. I hate to use that word, but there is no other word as strong to describe how they were acting. I told the kids that the reason they were not "too smart" was because with each tattoo a bit of your brain cells escaped out our body. They totally bought the idea!!

To prove my point, when Nick and Vicki checked in the pit stop at the end of the race, the Host asked them what country they were in and Vicki said; "London." Phil asked her to repeat herself, she said " Yes, the Country of London. " Phil said " Oh, yes the country of London."

Needless to say we were rolling on the floor laughing.

We can't wait to watch the Amazing Race this year!

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