Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Funny Things I've Heard Lately

Today is pajama day at the Elementary School in honor of Red Ribbon Week. The goal is to encourage kids to say no to drugs. I remember when Mr. C's class had this activity in either 1st or 2nd grade and he came home petrified. He needed to stop taking his allergy medicine . "It's say no to drugs week, Mom I'm not suppose to take any drugs." He was certain that included his favorite drug of choice; Allegra. Hmm, I wonder where his littlest sister gets her "literal thinking."

This morning, when Miss A was changing out of her nightgown to get dressed for school ( no I don't let them wear the pj's they slept in, gross!) in her favorite fluffy purple pj's, we laughed that we were getting dressed for bed, no school, no bed. Miss A wondered what about the kids who forgot to wear pj's? It's not like they can go to the office and ask to "borrow a pair of pj's for the day" she commented. No, it's not honey.

Last week, when I was picking Mr. C and his best buddy Mr. J up from school to take them to the golf course, Mr. J hopped into the car wearing a shirt from a high school in town that we are looking at for next year. I asked Mr. J if that meant he was going there for sure. "No it was just clean" was his response. Mr. C noticed that that there was a food stain in the middle of the shirt, and said it's not clean anymore. Mr. J's response cracked me up "Well forgive me for eating!"

Miss A and I were at the Library last week to pick up a few books for both of us; she's becoming quite the reader and we were looking for a couple of short easy books for her to dig into. The library shares the building with an elementary school and a community center so there is always a lot of hustle and bustle around. On this evening, there was a martial arts class out in the commons area. The kids were probably around 4 or 5 years old. Miss A was fascinated watching them show off their skills.

As we left with our books in hand, Miss A asked a few questions about the martial arts class, what it was called, why they wore those "outfits" and finally "who do kids that age kill?"

Guess in her mind they were learning the karate kicks for defense and killing. We had a little talk about karate as a training and exercise program. At least we did right after I silently laughed my head off!

Finally, Miss M's girl scout troop had a meeting yesterday after school. As her leader, I gave her permission to skip Improvfest practice to attend. Really, I told her with only 7 girls she had no choice and I'm her mother. Turns out that she was missing a Shakespeare performance of Romeo and Juliet which was taking place in the cafeteria right below us. Looking through the huge glass window, the girls watched a few moments and then Miss M said, "well, I guess at least in Girl Scouts I don't have to watch people kissing in big fancy costumes and speaking lines I can't even understand, right mom?" Yeah that's always my goal at girl scouts; no kissing and speaking words that make sense!

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