Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I've Written Ten Posts in My Head

I can't believe it's been another week between postings. I really thought that being home alone all day that I'd get a ton done and I would probably post every other day.

In reality, I'm never HOME. Really. In the past week, I've been "on the go" constantly and by the time I get back home my chore and to do list is too long to get on the computer and write a sentence that makes any sense. (Promise me that normally I do talk in complete sentences and make some sense, maybe even make you chuckle a little-if not don't tell me!)

So here's a synopsis of the posts from last week in bullet format:

* Play dates are the best even when you are "schooled" by the kindergarten girl on how to run them.

Miss A had her first Kindergarten Play Date after school on Wednesday. It was the highlight of her year thus far. Her adorable little friend K came home with us from school and those two little girls played with everything in our house. There was not a barbie, American Girl Doll or polly pocket that did not have their little hands all over them. A and K were so cute. When I told K she'd have to come back again, her response "I'll have to check with my mother on that!" I'm not sure if that means she's the social secretary of the family or she had to report in on what happened.

I loved how on the way to school that day when A and I were talking over the plan, she attempted to "school" me on how exactly I should get ready for Miss K. I should pick up A's room, have a snack ready and by all means make Miss M take the late bus home from play practice. According to A, " there is no reason M can't take the late bus home, C has taken it before after a club meeting, so she can to." Guess you could say she did not want me to pick M up from school.

* Jr High Field Trips are different from Kindergarten in many many ways!

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to chaperone on the 8th grade Field Trip to a nearby Camp. The day was scheduled for Team Building. There were trust walks, paddle boat rides, the human knot game and brainstorming games that took teamwork and cooperation. Let's just say that I was very impressed with C's group and their ability to work together. Team Building was fun.

When I told Mr. C that I was going tag along on the event, his only request was that I not sit by him on the school bus to and from the camp. When I told him that Miss A and I had sat together on the way to the pumpkin patch and held hands, he just rolled his eyes at me. Oh, the difference between a teenager and kindergartner. Needless to say I sat with a "girl" on the bus!!

The second major difference between these two field trips is that you can "totally" tell that the 8th graders dress themselves. Let's just say that there were many girls in "shorty mcshort shorts" who were freezing in the morning when it wasn't even 50 degrees out. Hello Mothers!!

Enough said.

Finally, it was pure joy to this mother's heart to tag along and see Mr. C in his element. He was funny, considerate, kind and very respectful to his classmates and teachers. He might not be in the "in crowd" (which I'm secretly glad about), but he is well liked by everyone. He's funny, smart and down right adorable. It was fun to watch, observe and interact with him in everyday world. Love that kid!!

* Marriages can survive upsets; Time and Time Again.

For those who don't know me in real life, you might not know that last week was rivalry week in our house. My husband's Alma mater played football against my Alma mater this past Saturday. That's right it was the Scarlet and Cream against the Burnt Orange and it was billed in these parts as the game of the decade!! You could say my team was out for revenge or payback for the last time we played against each other and "they" won!!

Walking across campus last Saturday me in Red and P in Burnt Orange, it was sight to see the faces of people. Really. Together. Are you sure? It was a great game. Sorta. They won. We stunk. It was after the game, however, that the people we came into contact with were the funniest. No less than 4 people asked us if "we'd stick it out with each other." Guess they couldn't believe that a Husker and a Longhorn could live together in harmony. We can. We've had what my husband calls Football Detente for the past 16 years-notice one less year than we've been married.

We won't talk about the first year!! (or the couch that someone might have slept on)

Next year my team is leaving the Big 12 to join the Big 10-don't ask. It does, however, mean that P can cheer for the Huskers at every game. No more rivalries!

So now, I'm pretty much caught up to this week, with any luck maybe I'll post again tomorrow and will only have a few days to remember. I've been home almost all of today so either that means I won't have much to talk about or I'm catching up on my to do list at home!!

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