Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Like Old Times

Today was just like old times according to Miss A. No school for elementary kids meant that she got to hang out in her pj's all morning. That was the first thing she declared this morning; "It's Pajama Day Mom, just like the old days!"

We've missed each other. After spending six years together at home, it's hard to adjust to all day school, for both of us. Yesterday was parent teacher conferences and she's excelling in school, making great friends and loving school. Every scrap of paper in our house right now is covered with words. Miss A copies titles of books, newspaper headlines, and the grocery list just for fun. She loves words; reading them, writing them, and even putting them to music. Yep, she's been busy composing songs on the piano and writing lyrics to go along.

I love this age. The thrill of learning is bursting out of every fiber of her being. But that doesn't mean Kindergarten hasn't been an adjustment for all of us. Thursday nights are meltdown time. She's crabby, overly stimulated and ready for the weekend. At soccer games on Thursdays, she barely runs across the field, but come Saturday morning she's a speed demon! Some days I can just tell she's mentally and physically exhausted.

That's why this long weekend is a gift. We get to enjoy each other, just us. I was wishing earlier this week that the elementary and junior high conferences were the same week (the big kids have off next Thursday/Friday), but now I see it as a great thing. Extra time with A and then next week M & C and I can go hang out, too.

Friday, we are off to the Train Museum and maybe lunch with Dad before I head out of town with the Girl Scouts. I just hope that she'll always treasure the "old days" like I do.

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