Thursday, July 15, 2010

We Know How to Have Fun

Miss A models one of her Birthday Dresses from Bestemor right before we head off in the minivan back home. There were tears following this moment. All three were wondering when the next time we'd see the Grands would be!
There is an old wives, tale that says that after three days relatives and fish both begin to smell. We've either been blessed to have a poor sense of smell or some really great relatives because our annual trek to see the "grands" in Chicago resulted in nothing, but pleasant memories and senses filled homemade yummies and sunscreen.
Bestemor only tried to have the grandkids killed once on the trip. Her good friend volunteered to take the kids on a golf cart ride to the nearby Ice Cream Parlor and drove at record speeds. According to Mr. C, she had the golf cart up to 22 miles an hour and Miss M is sure that her stomach is still reeling from the "cookies" they did in the circle. Miss A, of course, ever the daredevil was just thrilled to get to sit in the backseat with the big kids and feed the ducks at the lake. Oh, and the ice cream was "yummy" especially when eaten just minutes before dinnertime.

Backseat buckle specifically for grandkids-reaches all the way across.

We celebrated an early birthday.
Miss A will turn 6 in just a few short weeks. Cupcakes and Presents.

Dedicated a whole day to the letter "P" just like Sesame Street with Putt Putt, Park outings and Pool time. Dad even used to Pink Golf Ball to Golf! Go P.
Look who got a Hole in One on the first hole! She had another on the 3rd hole and was thrilled that she beat us all with the "highest score" for the day. Guess she still needs to work on her math skills or at least golf scoring. She was the only player that day in our group to get a hole in one though.

Dad and his "pink" ball. What a sport

Mr. C explains to the "girls" how to putt via the "pool method"
Pool Time. Miss A was thrilled to show off her Jellyfish and Starfish strokes to Bestefar.
There was a fabulous new park in the city. Miss M catching some shade.

The next day we Split up Girls/Boys and had makeovers and shopping trips or a visit to see tanks and ammo. You guess which group did which. Big Girl Cousins Really Rock!!
Boys and War Museums.
Miss M and Miss A got makeovers, fancy hair styles and got to try on their cousins "fancy dresses" A real treat and what a great memory. The pictures are too cute. Thanks L2.

Mom finally got to see the famous Wheaton Popcorn Shop and walk back in time with candy treats including Chuckles. Miss A made a hit with a wedding party and got their take home prize, a personalized pom pom, just for being cute.
Candy, Popcorn and a quaint small town, what more could you ask for in America?
Miss A was thrilled to have this Pom Pom... to add to her dress up collection.
There were water balloon fights in the midst of Bestemor's Garden and tears upon leaving.

These girls look so innocent and sweet, but with water balloons in their hands they are deadly. Poor Mr. C still has some marks from their perfect aim. Don't fear Mr. C is quick and feisty too!

The Car Trip went much quicker with the License Plate Game. 36 States; not bad for never leaving the middle of the country. We were really only missing those "east coast small states" as Mr. C said and a few of those "southern states so far from Chicago they've probably never heard of Deep Dish Pizza."

Photographic Proof that Learning never ends, even on vacation!
Thanks to the Iowa Welcome Center, Mr. C can now identify Soybeans growing in a field. It is the one on the right. Not that he was confused by the huge corn rows in the past, but at least he won't think the "bean" fields are something he might find in his stir fry at a Chinese Restaurant! Who says kids don't learn anything all summer long!
We even stopped at the Oasis (Gas Station) for Fun! We live where the roads are free, the taxes are just high rather than the roads fees are high and the gas stations are "up high."

All in all just what the doctor ordered for a summer vacation; sunshine, great company, fun memories and rest.

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