Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation Re-entry

Lunch Time at Steak and Shake on the way home.... As if there wasn't enough closeness in the car, they decided to share a side of a booth and of course a Hershey's Dark Chocolate Shake.

We've just returned from a short vacation to the Windy City. There is laundry to do, housekeeping to attend to, and, of course, adjusting to being in charge of the daily schedule again.

Re-Entry into the world is tough. Vacations are worth the re-entry time, but I sometimes wish you could stay in "vacation" mode for awhile longer upon returning home. While I know it will be days before we are back in the "real" part, I'm just thrilled that we still have a few weeks left of summer vacation. Too often it seems that once we hit the 4th of July, summer is almost over. This year we are going to avoid back to school shopping and thinking about reality for as long as possible.

Like maybe the weekend before!

Today, Mr. C went to the Eye Doctor and when asked what grade he's entering in the fall, a lump formed in my throat when he said "8th Grade." Wait. Where is that little boy that used to live in our home? Five more years and we'll be packing him off to college.

I might have seen a glimpse of that little boy when the nurse put in the eye drops to dilate his eyes and Cameron was flinching and squirming just like he did at office visits years ago. However, the teenager returned when he put the sunglasses on to walk outside and asked us to warn him if we ran into anyone he knew. He'd be embarrassed to be wearing "old man sunglasses."

I'll be back tomorrow with pictures and stories and funny moments from our vacation, as soon as I figure out what to make for dinner with the few ingredients still in my fridge. I don't want to push re-entry too much by actually going to the grocery store. Too many people and choices.

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