Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Bucket List :No Need to Rush

At Target yesterday, I avoided a big section in the back of the store aptly name "the Back to School Aisle." I steered my kids instead to the Toy Section and the Birthday Party Section.

You see, it's still SUMMER. We have a few weeks until school starts, but those are very precious weeks. Why are we in such a rush to get to the next thing in our society? Why can't we enjoy the "here and now" instead of pushing ahead?

I realize that Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabric are pushing Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations and I can forgive this little foible because you have to make the items first. No one makes a Christmas Stocking overnight. However, as far as regular retailers go, why oh why do I need to store notebooks, pencils and lunch boxes in my dinning room for three weeks. I refuse! Furthermore, why is that when I actually need the item like gloves in March when we've lost mates can I only find Swimsuits and Flip Flops.

Granted, the back to school area was hustling with shoppers, winter clothing was out in the children's department, and there were signs everywhere of the "next best season: Fall."

But not me. I'm not going there yet. It's still summer. Don't believe me? Then why I ask you did the weatherman say there was a Heat Warning today with a Heat Index of 105 degrees. Does that sound fall to you?

We still have items to cross out on our Summer Bucket List. Lots of items really. We have a Stay-cation at the Lake, a walk across a Bridge with ice cream on the other side, a trip to the State Capitol to take my niece around campus and the kids to the Children's Museum. We have Homemade Ice Cream to make, Lunch in a Park, and Sleeping outside under the stars in a tent.

We will finish them all before the first day of school, but not before. In fact, considering that the kids start in August, we could probably add a few more "summer" activities to the calendar for weekends after school actually starts.

As far as I'm concerned, the rushing of seasons is the downfall of society. Wait. Enjoy. Savor. Life lessons we could all use. The "next" thing will be here soon enough. I'm choosing to find joy in the moment.

Maybe that's a life lesson retailers need to apply. Sure, we will buy school supplies this fall, we've got plans for a new Kindergarten Backpack and Lunchbox and I'm sure that Miss M will want a cool "trapper keeper" for Middle School, but it's still July. It's still summer. Not yet, Back to School, I'm not falling into that trap yet!

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