Sunday, July 18, 2010

Funny Things I've Heard Around Here Lately

Spending hours together traveling provided numerous moments of comedy. Due to the sensitive nature of one of our children, we have taken to laughing to ourselves and not out loud. Guess Miss A believes that we are laughing at her and not with her.

Driving back from Chicago last week, we were all laughing at a joke of sorts that Mr C had told us. Miss A was cracking herself up as were the rest of us. A few minutes later, when it was silent in the car, Miss A asked, "now what was so funny that we were all laughing." I guess she had joined in the laughter just for fun of it, but did not catch the joke.

That of course had us all laughing again.

On Wednesday night, a quick storm rolled through with high winds and rain. The sirens went off and we quickly went to the basement. Now that we've finished off a portion, it's much nicer to weather out a storm. We'd just gotten downstairs when my husband commented how nice it is to "watch" the weather on TV when the lights suddenly went out and everything was dark. We'd lost power.

Really it was just seconds after his comment that we were sitting in the dark. Good going Dad, thanks for that.

Thank Goodness We Have Hand Held Electronics to Play with when the Power is Out!

While the storm was over quickly, we did not have electricity until almost midnight, meaning we had to open up windows, use flashlights to play games and read, and have lanterns ready for nightfall.

Playing Guess Who In Jammies. Thankfully we'd showered before the storm and were all ready for Family Movie Night. Too Bad We Missed the Movie!
It was a little warm in the house so Miss M asked if "we can at least have fans on to cool things down." Well honey, for that to happen, we'd need power!

Rain Storms that come fast and furious leave lots of Puddles behind. You just gotta Jump In!
Mr C asked if we could please close the screen door as the crickets noises would be to loud for him to sleep. Hello! this child goes camping with the Boy Scouts, outside!
Maybe this is why our family never goes camping... we can't even handle roughing it our own beds!!

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