Saturday, October 10, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday, I took my youngest on a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

Today, she made snow angels in the snow.

Yesterday, I mowed the lawn to rake up the leaves in the front.

Today, my front tree went into shock and starting dropping leaves like crazy. I think it was afraid it missed fall.

Yesterday, we all went on a Hay Rack Ride and Roasted Marshmallows by an open fire.

Today, the kids huddled together under blankets and warmed up with Hot Coco and Redi Whip.

Yesterday afternoon, the kids played kicked ball in the backyard.

Today, they built a snowman in the middle of the backyard.

Yesterday, I cut back my mums to allow for new growth.

Today, they were covered in snow and wilted like crazy.

Yesterday, I lined up our three pumpkins and prepared the new "pumpkin patch pumpkin" for display on the porch. I didn't get it out there until after the snow. Thank goodness A said it would not have been happy this morning.

Today, the pumpkins had a blanket of white stuff on their tops.

Yesterday, the kids were throwing Hay at each other and their Uncle while bouncing down a country lane.

Today, the kids were throwing snow balls at each other.

You might have guessed that Old Man Winter Made A Surprise Visit This Morning To Our House. Yes, I realize the calendar might only say October 10th, but obviously that doesn't matter anymore.

Oh, please don't say this is a sign of things to come. A Winter filled with snow, cold and lots of "inside" time.

I'm just glad I thought ahead this week and got out all the "snow gear".

We have all the coats, gloves, hats and snow pants we could want. All that's missing are some new sleds.

I was thinking that Santa could bring some new "snow" things. Looks like by Christmas, we'll have had plenty of time to use them.

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