Friday, October 23, 2009

She's a Trooper, A Hero and an Adorable Five Year Old

Annette in the Playroom at the Hospital- All Smiles

A is a real trooper. She takes whatever life hands her and just makes the best out of it. Yesterday's ear surgery was no exception. At one point yesterday afternoon, she said this was just like having a birthday. A friend dropped off some "fake makeup and a new cell phone" for her, she got homemade cupcakes from Nana, a fancy new fleece robe from Bestemor, and a few coloring and sticker books from a number of friends and family to keep her entertained.

Hours After Getting Home In Her New Robe with some of her new toys and coloring stuff-so fun!

Now only a girl who takes life that way can say that when she's sporting a headband with a ear cup attached, has been up since 5:15 a.m. and had surgery cutting open her ear and fixing her ear drum.

She takes lemons and makes lemonade.

11 Reasons Why A is My Hero

1. When I woke her up at 5:15, she jumped out of bed, grabbed her cow slippers and Abby the Kola Bear, and said, let's go!

2. On the way to the hospital, she thought it was so cool it was still dark out. Wow, I get to see the nighttime!

3. When we arrived at the hospital, she walked right back to her room, sat on the bed and after the exam asked if finally she could go to the playroom. She and Dad had a rousing game of " Guess Who" which might become a new favorite.

Playing Guess Who With Dad in the Cares Unit

4. While the Child Life Specialists asked which "mask flavor" she'd like, A pointed out that the bubblegum smell was really more like jellybeans. That's the one she'd want.
5. There were no tears as the wheeled her away for the operating room, she was so excited to be on a bed with wheels. "We need one of these at home, Mom."
6. The recovery nurse said she did so well, she woke up like a champ with no complaints except about that" very unhappy baby that keeps crying." Guess she was looking for a private recovery room; maybe more spa like.

Looking a little groggy, but still trying to smile. Minutes later she was napping.
7. When she saw us, the first thing she asked if she could "go home now and "get this thing out of my hand". She didn't want that IV!

8. After an hour and a half nap in the room, she was ready to have something to drink and eat. A small sprite later and a few crackers and she'd proved she had no queasy stomach and could finally go home. She'd eat and drink more if they had let her. She liked the "mini" pop can. 6oz was just her size.

9. Her only tears where when they removed the IV and she had a few drips of blood. The band-aid trauma. Guess that little blood is more traumatic than the whole ear thing! The Child Sized Wheelchair that they wheeled her out to the car made up for the trauma though. She thought that was big time fun!

The Little Yellow Wheelchair; She was great at driving, even on painkillers!

10. By mid afternoon she was playing, watching NU Volleyball, and just hanging out. She was thrilled by the cards, phone calls, and gifts. Hopefully, not enough to want to do this again, but it was great to see the joy!

11. This morning she asked if we could have a "no more ear trouble party*" soon with presents, cake and friends. I said yes to the cake and friends, let's skip the presents. She said that sounds great. It will be just like our "no more nukkies parties, but better"

* for the record when each child gave up their "nuk" or pacifier we had a little party to celebrate, guess for A this is as worthy of a celebration.

Of course, she crashed later in the evening and today is taking it slow after sleeping for 13 hours. However, she's taking her pain meds and antibiotic like a champ, watching the movie Annie, playing with legos and leaving her ear alone.

I'm not sure grown adults could handle the pain, discomfort and ear tingling as well.

We'll be taking it easy this weekend. The discharge orders said no heavy lifting, no contact sports, no hair washing, and no swimming or air travel for at least two weeks. Guess we'll have to wait a few more days for her to get outside and do some yard cleanup for winter!! I think that means we'll be watching some college football, some cheesy old Disney Movies, and maybe taking a "midnight run" to DQ for some ice cream.

She's a real trooper!!

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