Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday:Photo Backup the Easy Way

My wonderful Works for Me Wednesday Idea involves photo storage. I am not the world's best photographer, nor do I have the top of the line digital camera with huge lens (although I would love one) but I take lots of photos.

I scrapbook once a month with a fantastic group of ladies from church and enjoy capturing the moments of life before they are gone.

As a result I have lots of pictures stored on my computer. I have an HP Computer and use the HP Photosmart program to download and store my photos. However I don't stop there. I download photos to Walgreen' and use it as a backup to my computer. Easy as can be.

I tend to forget to put the photos on a disc backup and I've never had the heart to really edit the photos before I store them on my computer so I have lots. My computer has plenty of memory, but like it's owner sometimes things can go wrong, parts will die out or a virus could strike.

Walgreen's Photo will keep your photos forever at no charge as long as you buy two prints a year. Seriously. Two prints. I have an order ready to go for Saturday for 50 prints. Buy 50 prints, for $5.00 is their coupon this week.

I also use Walgreen's photos because I can store certain pictures there for the world to see. I have dance convention pictures I share with the other dancing families, girl scout camping trip photos for the parents and of course I can send photos to my in laws and out of town families too.

This is a simple way to ensure that my photos don't go away if my computer crashes or if I forget to back them up.

Now I'm off to send off my latest Christmas photos before I forget.

Come back again and I promise even more insightful ideas...or maybe not.

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