Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shopping Thru Her Eyes

I went shopping today with my four year old to an outdoor upscale shopping center. Yes, we went for Fun.

A had gotten a gift card for Christmas to Justice. The Girl Store with the Monkey as she calls it. Her sister had already gone the week before, but being the smart one, we waited until the big kids were back in school.

We had so much fun. Most of the clothes there are too big, too old and not the right style for a four year old, but if you are choosy and smart you can find some downright adorable things. M had come home last week with two cute purple numbers. One had fur and you can't get better than fur for an 8 year old. That is high fashion.
A had in mind exactly what she wanted. Skirts and a Monkey. Maybe a few Webkinz. Candy. You name it!
OK, so maybe she was open to discussion and "suggestions". Smart mother that I am, we headed to the back of the store, pass the spring collection, and the cruise line for young girls and right to the "Sale Rack". It will be winter here in the heartland for two/three more months. What do we need shorts and tank tops for?

We found a cute top, make that two, but I could not find skirts. We found a few pair of cropped leggings with sparkles for a small fortune. Not one to give up do easy, the little darling kept asking for skirts. Ta Da.

In the far corner of the store, skirt racks. Lots of skirts. Two in her size. Pink and not pink. We chose pink. Then we found two tops to go with them. Did we walk out then. Of course not, we had to take off all our clothes in the dressing room and try them on. You know that we had to try on both Tops Please.

Too bad the static in our hair from the dry air made us look a little frigthening in the mirror. Oh, that was the mother.

It's perfect mom. I told you we'd get a skirt. Can I wear it now?

As our shopping continued and we went looking for an appropriate outfit for the mother to wear to the Office Christmas Party tomorrow night (yes tomorrow night!) we both got to try on new clothes. That's right, A tried on all her clothes again.

"Still perfect," she said.

We topped the morning off with a trip to Burger King. Her favorite. She told me over and over again that it was the best day of her life. It was fun shopping with mom.

It was fun shopping with my favorite four year old in the whole world, too.
( Notice the cute socks too, they were a surprise in the mail today: Bestemor knitted them.)


jenn said...

Cutie pie, good thing my son's marrying her! And do I see a hint of fudge on that mouth...

Rachel Anne said...

Cute 4 year old! I loved how you described your shopping trip.