Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby It's Cold Out There or Otherwise Called "Let's All Jump for Jesus"

January can be a very long month in the heartland. By very long, I mean one month can seem to drag on for decades. No kidding! I'm sure that every January I add a year to my life, even though my birthday is not until May.

One day it's cloudy and grey with temps in the 30's. The ground looks like yucky mud, the leftover snow from weeks ago looks like piles of coal, and the sky looks like it has tears falling from above.

Then a bright and sunny day with temps below zero. The sun is so bright you have to wear sunglasses to drive, but your hands are so cold you can barely put them on your face. No recess outside today as the kids might get frostbite.

Then, just when you think of giving up on going outside your house, you'll have an almost 60 degree day. It's sunny, no coat needed, and you actually see people out and about. By out, I mean the neighbor kids come out of hibernation to play and life seems good.

Thursday was that day here. It was 54 degrees. My kids were happy, my kitchen floor and entry way were not covered in snowboots and gravel, and the backyard was filled with playing kids.

Friday the temp was 16 degrees. It felt like -30. Thankfully, our church had a family fun night scheduled for Friday from 6 t0 8. Big Blimpie Sandwiches, Three Huge Jumpers, Hula Hoops and Fun Fun Fun. We thought that maybe only 40-50 people would come. 140 plus showed up! Why you ask, because parents are going crazy with kids trapped in their houses. They were looking for a place to run off steam. To be crazy and have fun. It got loud and crazy. There were kids everywhere. All having the time of their life.

Isn't that what the Body of Christ is suppose to be for the world. A place to let down your hair. Relax. Be yourself and still be loved. We are to be Jesus with skin on, and Friday night I think that is exactly what we were to a group of jumping kids for Jesus.

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