Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Confessions

I think that my kids have only gone to school one Monday in the entire month of January. Do you know how hard it is to keep your New Years Resolution to exercise more when the one day you count on going to the gym, you can't?

Here goes some random thoughts for the week...

1. I remember on Election Day 2000 that we made a homemade sign for the front day cheering on George Bush. My husband and I stayed up to watch returns and went to bed thinking he had lost. When I woke up a few hours later, it was the crazy to see that he had won. M was a little baby and I have a picture of her with the sign. Where have those 8 years gone?

Thank You President and Mrs. Bush for your service to our country.

2. I'm trying to teach my kids that you respect the office of the President no matter who is sitting in the oval office. I wish the Obama's the best and pray that he will be guided by Godly wisdom as he leads us through some tough times, but I know I will have to watch my tongue in the next few days and weeks too.

God please Bless Our Country and Our Leaders.

3. I'm getting tired of cleaning up the sandbox that was my entry way floor. If you live in snow or winter country, you know what I mean. Every day I sweep up the equivalent of a sandbox of muck from our floor. Shoes traipse in this gunk and no matter how many rugs I have out, the sand keeps coming.

We went to a party last week and the line of shoes at the front door from guests made me laugh. It would have been fun and cruel to mix up pairs. (No I didn't do it)

4. Lost starts in 2 more days! I watched the season finale from last year this weekend and I'm trying hard to put the pieces of the story back together in my head. This is my all time favorite show. I can not wait until Wednesday Night. It's written on my calendar with big letters. Thank you in advance DVR for being there for me as it is on during in the middle of church.

5. Last week my husband and parents were both in Sunny California while my kids and I were suffering from temps at -15 below. I tried hard not to hate them. Let's just say I might have confessed the sin of coveting and murder during Church on Sunday. Love You Guys really, but next time remember poor little me and don't talk so lovingly about the sunshine and 70 degree weather when I can hardly breath outside due to the ice forming in my nose.

I promise some more creative and less random thoughts in the days ahead. Or at least attempts.

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jodi said...

I love reading your posts, Jill! And, yes, I took "The Plunge" and enter the Blog-o-sphere. Now, the question is: is it like the Nes-Tea Plunge. Or the Plunge you do in the bathroom after your 3-yr-old uses a full container of wet-wipes to wipe "the doopa" off her "toosie"? la la la la la la