Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WFMW Cold Day Boredom Buster: Bedazzler

For Christmas this year, I received my first ever "As Seen On T.V." product from my in-laws. I've never purchased anything from a infomercial or tried any of those fabulous Ginsu Knives or Sandwich Makers. I have seen some knock offs at Walgreen if that counts.

Don't think I haven't been tempted by their outlandish claims and promises. I have, but am afraid it will be like those items I use to order off the back of the cereal boxes when I was a kid (think Sea Monkeys). All talk (and freezed dried shrimp / plankton).

Now, I am the proud owner of a Bead Magic Machine. Think Bedazzler. My mother-in-law is really trying to stretch my crafty self. First knitting, now home fashions.

I must admit that, when I first opened the present, I thought maybe it was a joke and inside the Bead Magic Box would be the real gift. It was the real gift!

My girls got so excited. They started dreaming up things to Bedazzler. M thought of fancy hats, purses, and headbands. A thought Ruthie our AG Doll would love a new outfit all beaded up fancy-like. Guess she thinks I can sew too.

Funny thing is it is pretty cool. I'm not into glitz and glamour and the tool itself takes a little bit of work to figure out, but the end result is fun.

So, on MLK day when the kids had no school, we got out our t-shirts from Hobby Lobby and our Bead Magic Tools and got busy. It was what they call a family moment. Or, it's cold and we've nothing to do, mom so what tricks do you have up your sleeve.

I will not admit if all three kids were involved. I'll only say that only two pink shirts were decorated. Bedazzling is a lot like math I've been told. Precise. Looking at the end result I think it's obvious that my math skills are lacking and my assistants skills are right on every time.

I made M's; he made A's. I blame it on the fact he had the hand held model and it's much easier. There is not any evidence that he is more skillful than me.

Too bad he doesn't want a beddazzled Texas football jersey, Burnt Orange beads are so cute.

Cold Day Boredom Setting In: Find your own Bedazzler and get Busy!!


Kim said...

Cute :) Looks like they had fun!

jodi said...

I loved the Bedazzler!! seriously! Looks like the girls l-u-v their sparkley shirts - good job, Mom!