Thursday, October 2, 2008

Step Up to the Plate

Volunteers No Longer A Dime A Dozen Caption coming soon to a newspaper near you. Or maybe not as most of us no longer read newspapers.

Where have all the volunteers gone? Seriously, I look around and every organization, church and school around me is begging for people to help them. They need scout leaders, classroom helpers, Sunday school teachers, blood donors and everything else under the sun.

We've become such a "have it my way" society that we just assume others are going to run the programs, be the leaders, and step up to the plate. We'd rather just drop our child off and run. Sure we want them to experience all the activities, sports and programs available; just don't ask us to be involved.

Volunteering might cut into our "me" time. As parents, we have too much on our plate to be the soccer coach so why not just pay someone else to do it for us.

You might say that I'm discouraged with my com padres. Step up to the plate people. I'm tired of watching organizations beg for volunteers and I'm even more tired of seeing the same people over and over again get talked into helping out.

Sometimes I wish I could be a drop and run parent. I wish that I didn't feel so bad when there is no one to coach soccer next spring for my 4 year old that I feel compelled to say that I can.

But you know what, I wish even more that my generation would realize that the joy and blessing of giving of time, energy, and self to help out does not compare with things, awards, or monetary blessings.

Yes giving blood takes time and it's a challenge to fit it in, but did you know that people might die without it? I am scared of needles, I have terrible veins and have often terrifed nurses with them. But you know what, I do it.

Being the girl scout leader is not easy. I'm really not a public speaker or have the skill sets that prepare me for 19 little girls and their energy. However, I do it because I want my daughter to experience the joy, the leadership skills, and the fun that only a weekend away at camp can teach.

I'm not here to toot my own horn. I am learning to say no sometimes and let others fill that awkward void when a group/person asks for help. Too often, though, it seems like no one fills the gap. No one wants to get involved.

Churches especially should be turning volunteers away not begging and scrambling to fill the spots on committees and teaching positions. As recipients of the greatest gifts, shouldn't we feel compelled to serve others and share that great blessing.

I know that a few posts back I said I was overwhelmed with the meetings/ planning and responsibility. But you know what, as long as my family is taken care of and my house is presentable (notice I didn't say clean), I'll be out there filling in the gaps, and praying that one day the rest of the spaces will be filled.

Tomorrow's post: How to support the volunteers in your life.

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jenn said...

So...thanks for helping me out Saturday! And thanks for your blog. Your prayers are felt.