Thursday, October 16, 2008

Funny Things Happen on the Way...

I need to record a few of the funny things my 4 year old has said lately. They are priceless and remind me so much of her older brother and sister and their funny ways at the same age.

She is very observant, quiet and often gets right to the point when she has something to say. She might go with me to lunch with friends, not say anything the entire timel and then repeat almost word for word our conversations.

Wednesdays are our crazy days. We have preschool/bible study, a little break for lunch, dance class at 2:00, kids coming home at 3:00 and 4:00, and then piano lessons followed by dinner at church/confirmation and pioneer club that night. It's busy, but I've given up trying to "get anything done" on that day of the week.

Last week as we were driving away from dance this is what I heard in the back seat...

"I've been so busy today. Preschool ...Check.... Watch Movie and Lunch...Check...Dance Class...Check...Pick up Icee ...Check."

It was as if she was checking her items off her to do list..

No idea where she gets this from. HA :)

We've been working on writting her name. It's long, but it has many letters that repeat themselves. The other day she was copying letters that M wrote for her to practice.

I said Great Job A. Those letters spell your name. You just need to write them in the right order and we'll have your name written.

Her response: It doesn't matter if the letters are in the right order as long as they are there.

Guess we are going to do word searches to find her name now.

That conversation took me back some 4 years ago when M, who is now 8, was in preschool. She would constatnly write only the letter M on her papers. I asked her why she never wrote her whole name, it's beautiful and I knew she knew how to do it. Her response? I only need to write the M. I'm the only one in my class with that letter and the teachers already know the rest of my name.

Guess we should have been smarter parents when we named our children and just given them one letter names. So much easier for Preschoolers to conquer.

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