Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WFMW:Reshirting for Kindergarten

We've decided to redshirt A this year. I heard this term over the weekend and it works for me. We are not sending A to kindergarten this fall even though she will be 5 years old in August and qualifies according to our state guidelines.


She's probably ready for kindergarten. She loved Preschool this year. She knows her colors and letters so intellectually, she is more than ready. Socially, she's a little shy, but once she warms up to the situation, she is very comfortable in a both school setting or with friends.


We aren't redshirting her because we don't think she's ready now. Instead, we are just saving her for the future. We're were thinking more about a young 12 year old in junior high or a 16 year old taking the SAT tests and deciding her future college/career choices. Kids grow up too fast these days and we don't see any reason to rush her along the road.


Redshirting sounds so positive. Focused on holding the best back so they are well prepared for the tasks ahead. Much better than holding her back from kindergarten this year, we are just holding her out until the time is right.


A's birthday is early August. By the time school starts, she will be 5 years and 2 weeks. That's really young in my opinion for all day every day school. Most afternoons, this child still takes an hour "rest" in her room to give her some time recover for the activity of the day. On preschool days this Spring, she would often fall asleep during these rest times.


Sure, as the third child, she's well accustomed to the school, teachers and activities of school so she' s probably more ready than either C or M were when they went off to school. However, her parents are also more prepared and, we know that by redshirting her, we are giving her the greatest advantage in the years to come. She'll be 19 years old when she heads off for her freshman year of college instead of barely 18.

A is going to our favorite preschool in the fall. Just three mornings a week for a few hours. Enough for the social/school skills she needs to keep fresh and still give us the flexibility to do mom and girl things the rest of the day/week. We love our time together A and I

C and M both graduated from this lovely Baptist preschool; we love their teachers, curriculum and setting. We are so excited to return there for our final year ever of Preschool!! It's a great place to nourish her love of learning and Jesus. Her redshirt year will be filled with lots of great adventures and memories.

I plan to soak up all the time I can with A this year. I know that once "school" of the official kind becomes a part her life it all changes. For now, we are going to make the best of this year and enjoy every moment we get together. When A heard that the other kids go back to school in August and she doesn't start until September, there might have been a little holler go up from her. She's looking forward to mom and A time too. We've got places to explore together, lunch dates with some of our "friends", tea parties to have in her room, and lots of fun planned.

Redshirting works for our family this year and it has nothing to do with a mother not wanting to say goodbye to the preschool years just yet! By the time A graduates from college, my husband and I will be ready for the retirement community in a warm climate!!


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pendy said...

What a great idea! As a former teacher, I'm a big supporter of holding the younger kids back, so I am delighted to have a great term for that now! Redshirt Kindergartener! Love it!

Kansas Mom said...

I'm also a supporter of starting slowly. One of the reasons we decided to homeschool was to avoid the pressure of kindergarten academics. (Isn't that silly?) But I'd much rather see my son (who will be 6 in December and can already read) love his kindergarten time and handle the academics as he wants them.

Your daughter has years and years of school and work ahead of her. What a blessing she can have this extra time to just play (which is really learning) and enjoy time with her family.

I'm so glad you were able to keep her in a preschool. I've heard many won't accept children who are old enough to go to school to make room for others who are moving up.

Jenny said...

I've never heard of that term before. However, I am happy your 5 year old won't be going to K this Fall.

My daughter turned 5 in May and we are homeschoolers. I just can't imagine a 5 year old away from there home all day.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I agree!


Jennifer said...

My youngest son has a late June birthday. We delayed kindergarten a year for exactly the same reason--we didn't want him to be an immature middle schooler. He is going into second grade now, and I can tell a huge difference between him and many of his classmates simply because he's a little older. I love the term "redshirting"--wish I had known that then!

Louisiana Laura said...

Love the term... we've also decided waiting is best. As wonderful as some programs are, kindergarten doesn't seem to be what it used to be.