Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reading My Way Through Summer

I really enjoy summer reading. It is my opportunity to really get lost in the pages of a good book. Too often during the school year, I read on the fly. I manage a few pages here and few pages there; fitting my reading into the carpool lane, the dentist waiting room, and maybe a few moments before bed. No real time to get captured in the pages and involved in the plot and characters.

I'm one of those readers who can't really re-read a book. It is a one time only experience. The characters are too personal for me; the story lines become like real time, and I can't just pick the book up again and recapture that feeling. I think that is why I've never really enjoyed science fiction or historical fiction very much. I can't imagine myself in the story or think of the characters as real life friends.

As a teenager. I would spend time each week at a small bookstore in town: The Little Professor picking up the next book to read. While my memory is not so good as to remember the titles anymore. I can remember how the books transported me to another time and place. Every page was an adventure.

I've found my most favorite genre of books tends to be in the Christian Fiction section. Why? Besides the fact that I feel most comfortable reading the stories, relating to the characters and find the suspense books both exciting and non-gory, I like to think that I'm supporting those authors who share the same beliefs and values.

A few of these books are in a series; I think you can easily pick them up without having read the previous books, but feel free to read anything by these authors. You will not be disappointed

The Rook, The Bowers Files Series #2 By: Steven James
This is a criminalist; FBI type book. Excellent Read. The plot has lots of twists and turns. Loved it. I had read the first book; The Pawn and am anxious to read the next book in the series

Double Minds By: Terri Blackstock
A captivating story about a songwriter in Nashville, Parker James, on the cusp of making it big in the Christian Music Scene. Blackstock does not disappoint with this book and I'm hoping to see Parker James in future books. I feel like I've been to Nashville now and if only I could sing/write songs, I could make it big there!!

She's in a Better Place, Fairlawn Series #3 By: Angela Elwell Hunt
Jennifer Graham and her hilarious family at the Fairlawn Funeral Home had me in stitches throughout this entire book. I read this on a road trip with the family and read pages out loud to my driving husband because they were so cleaver and funny. Who knew a funeral home/director could be so fun! You have to read this whole series, its that good!

The Real Enemy, Sophie Trace Trilogy Series #1 By: Kathy Herman
I have to admit this book took me a while to really get into. I was reading during a hectic time this spring, but the book is excellent. Brill Jessup, the main character, was a tough character to dig into but as the book develops I became so involved I was sad to see this book end. Looking forward to book #2 this fall.

Word Gets Around, Daily, Texas Series #2 By: Lisa Wi gate
My Texas loving husband is probably the reason I picked up this series last year, but the characters in book #1: Talk of the Town are what kept me wanting more. Must admit I just started on this book today, but I'm already cruising along and so thrilled to have something to take to the lake this weekend that will grab my attention.

For my birthday earlier this summer I was given these two books and quickly had both of the read.

Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark
While I have always loved Mary Higgins Clark I'm had been getting a little tired of her characters and plots thinking they were too predictable. This newest creation, however, had me captivated to the final page. It's the perfect beach book.

The Girls From Ames by Jeffrey Zaslow
Like me these girls are from Midwest stock and, while they are a few years my senior, it was fascinating to read a non-fiction book that followed 12 women's lives from high school to today. While I could related to the cultures of the 1980's and the milestones they have experienced in life thus far such as college, marriage, kids; I'm grateful that many of the crisis they have gone through I have been spared. It was sad to read of the trials they have gone through with abortions, divorce, multiple partners, illness with parents, etc. As I read, I just kept wondering where was their relationships with God. Where was their dependence on a Savior? I also felt gratitude to my parents for the faith they instilled in me so that I could avoid some of their pitfalls. Interesting read-just not a feel good one.

I've read a few more books this summer already, but unfortunately I have not become disciplined enough to keep a book log and I've forgotten what they are already. I think this might be my mid-year New Year's Resolution to write down the books and authors I've read.

If you have any books you'd suggest please leave a comment....I'm open to suggestions.


Louisiana Laura said...

I read voraciously. I don't always find books that align with my values. I blogged on one the other day where I almost removed the post. But didn't. I found the characters genuine, true to the standards of their lives-- and as you mentioned about the mid-western stock girls, many of the things experienced I can relate to, some of which, I hope I never relate to.
I do love Mary Higgins Clark. actually have numerous selections sitting by my chair right now, loaned to me by a friend. Her stuff always seems more benign although mysterious. I read I remember that song, & where are you now, in the last month. Will have to check out the one you mentioned.
I need to start keeping a journal of what I read that is worth sharing! Best- Laura
What do you think about Maeve Binchy?

Anonymous said...

The girls and I LOVE Kristen Heitzmann. Liz has finally discovered Francine Rivers. And I think T. Davis Bunn is probably one of my personal favorites!