Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tree Lighting, Santa Visit and Almost Famous....

Our Friday of Thanksgiving Tradition never goes out of style.  Seeing a huge Christmas Tree lit up for the first time just gets you in the mood for Christmas.  The sparkle of the lights and the big wide eyes of my children gets me every time.  Watching Mr. J experience this event for the first time made it even more special.  The wonder and joy.

The boys were thrilled to find that their school was actually part of a big map of the city in the train station.  Small world.  There were cookies to decorate or more accurately overdose with sugar and frosting with a dose of chocolate milk to wash it all down.  Ymmmm

Bestemor and Bestefar found us a fabulous spot to see the big event, and we were thrilled to be the scouts.  My only complaint while I held our place in the Santa line was that I had left my book at home.  It was a long line and I'm not one for waiting patiently unless I have something to read!  I might just have to learn how to use P's Nook so I can "take it with me anywhere."

Mr C's only request was that we not take pictures of him on Santa's lap.  He planned on asking Santa for a laptop and all rights to the photos.  Mr J on the other hand asked for a Ferrari.  Amazingly, at the same time C asked for no photos, a camera crew showed up from a local TV station and started filming Santa.  When I told them that Mr J was from South Korea and this was his first visit to the Train Station (or downtown in anyway), they wanted to interview him.

Sadly, the footage of the interview must have ended up on the cutting room floor.  Thankfully, we have photographic evidence ourselves to prove that we were "almost famous."

We ended the day with a pizza party at the hotel swimming pool room and enjoyed watching the kids "swim off some steam." A perfect start to the Christmas season and a great "new" twist on an old tradition.

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