Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bringing Home the Trophy: Dance Season Begins

On Saturday, Miss M's Dance Team won 1st Place at their first competition of the year.  M was thrilled to have returned to the world of competitive dance. I was happy for M and pleased that while I still cringed at many of the dances, costumes and suggestive moves, Miss M's studio did not "play that way."  Thank you Miss K and Miss A for again showing that it is all about the dance technique and choreography and not about shaking your booty on the dance floor.

Miss M was out of bed early on Saturday morning.  She was unable to sleep because she was so excited.  This girl loves to dance.  All the time.  She loves hanging out backstage and being with her friends, practicing and practicing, and being part of the team.  There is no doubt when you see this girl's face light up on the stage that she belongs there.

I'll admit that I am far from a Dance Mom.  In fact, while I enjoy watching M and her studio dance a lot of the time, I was busy knitting away.  I texted my husband a few times that I was shocked with the dance moves, the costumes, and the music selections of some of the dance teams.  No sixteen year old girl should be on the stage in Lingerie "dancing" to the song Life of the Party. I averted my eyes and thanked God that M was backstage and Mr C and my husband were at home. 

The funny thing is that Miss M and her friends saw some of the costumes and were amazed at how little material was involved in the making. 

I could go on and on about this part of competitive dance which is the part I despise, but this post is about Miss M and I how proud I am of her and her team.  They danced their hearts out and they loved every minute of it. So did this Mom.

Oh, and trust me Miss M was told to "wash that gunk of your face the minute you get home, you are 11 years old and there is no need for makeup."  Then we went with Miss A and Dad to see the movie Puss and Boots. You are only a kid once and I like to keep that way!

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