Monday, November 28, 2011

Puzzles and Bingo and Turkey Oh My!

Thanksgiving Crew: This fun group of kids, tweens, and teens made for a great day of game playing, football watching, puzzle creating and feast eating.  Our guest Mr J and the cousins' guest Mr D fit into the family perfectly. 

Nana loves to have puzzles ready for us to put together.  This years' selection was a little challenging, but thankfully we brought along a puzzle expert; Mr J .  Miss A had spent a little time helping Nana get ready for the feast and had her Nemo puzzle all finished and ready for us to admire.  Of course, we had to get a picture of this great accomplishment.  I'm not sure Mr J was as convinced he needed to pose for a picture with his 2nd completed puzzle of the day, but I twisted his arm.

The newest addition to the Thanksgiving frivolity was the Bingo Game that Nana had all ready.  Once the kids heard there were prizes involved, they were all in.  I'm thinking a few of these kids must sneak out on Friday nights for Bingo Games at the Catholic Church.  They had some "hot cards" and were winning snacks and candy right and left.

I, of course, was busy knitting away as I have a few Christmas projects I'm working on and that calendar keeps slipping away from me.  It was fun to observe all the hustle and bustle and know that my kids are storing away memories of fun family times.  What a blessing it is to have both sides of the family gathering together once again. 

For my husband, the best gift that this Thanksgiving brought was a victory over A& M.  Too bad the 118 year tradition of these two teams meeting has to end, but he would say at least the Horns pulled out a win.

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