Monday, March 22, 2010

A Teenager Among Us

We have a real life teenager living in our house. As of March 20th at 6:13 p.m., Mr. C is 13 years old. While I could wax nostalgic about "where has the time gone" and "what happened to that chubby cheek little boy who wore smocked outfits and buck skin shoes" or "how did I get old enough to have a teenager," I'll stick to the facts.
Our oldest child is now a teenager. He's just 5 short years from leaving the nest. Our son is on the verge of becoming a real life man.
While I couldn't be prouder of the young man he is today and can only imagine the great things God has in store for his future, I really can't believe we have entered this new phase of parenting called "the teenager years."
Back to the celebrating. You only turn 13 one time and we did our best to have a whale of a good time.
First, there were Homemade Waffles

Followed by Present Opening. Let's just say the picture of the new Swiss Army Wallet from his sisters and the Golf Gift Cards from his parents didn't turn out. Something about Sisters getting in the way...

Then we had Lunch at Five Guys Hamburgers with Nana and Papa. We love this place!!

Yes, Mr. C is wearing an In & Out Burger T Shirt to Five Guys ....we don't have an In & Out around our parts so we don't feel bad advertising a competitor when the nearest In & Out is a 1000 miles away. Hint Hint..In & Out move closer!

Finally, there was the "Concert". C's first official concert. It was a family affair. Too bad our fabulous floor seats were "too loud" for the girls so we quickly went from up close and personal with the bands to far and away. Dad and C had a great time jammin out with the floor crowd, even if it was hours before poor dad could hear again. We loved Fee, Sidewalk Prophets and, of course, the David Crowder Band.

I'm thinking that now that C's been to a real concert, we'll be making this a regular event. The fact that he's already planning on downloading a number of the songs to his Ipod this week makes this mother's heart proud. Gotta love a kid who likes to rock out with Jesus songs!!

After the concert, we (the girls) did get to "high five" A's favorite singer, Francesca Battistelli or as she is commonly called around here as the "ripped jeans girl."

Here's Francesca asking how to spell Miss A's name. Of course, Miss A was shy and nervous, but afterwards the words were flying out of her mouth. She was so excited. It was the best concert ever, the most fun ever....

Miss M was much more reserved, but just as thrilled. She did point out however that this was her 2nd "real concert" as she got to see the Jonas Brothers in concert two years ago. Guess she was the "experienced" one. Yet, somehow she ended up sitting in the way back with Mom and Miss A. Maybe, she's not so "fancy" after all.
Even after a whole day of celebrating, we weren't done yet as we had to have cake on Sunday Night to finish the whole 13th year celebration.

Mr C, let me just tell you what a gift you are to your Dad and I. We love you to pieces and can't imagine a better son. You make us proud every day and we are so thrilled to see the faith you have and the wisdom you have grow deeper and more profound every year. We know that God has big things planned for you and your life and we are thrilled that we get to watch you along the way.

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