Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Birthday Week and I Can Breath Again

The March Birthday Boys at a Stars Wars Exhibit

I've finally gotten my voice back. For most of last week and over the weekend I could barely talk above a whisper. My children learned to read my hand signs and motions as my husband was enjoying the sweet bliss of quiet in the evenings once the children went to bed. Nothing like a winter cold that lasts for days and leaves your nose as red as Rudolph's!

Let's just say I've glad to be back among the living and talking. At least until 6:00 a.m. each morning when the alarm goes off and I silently scream at the inventor of Daylight Savings Time!

It's birthday week around here as my husband's birthday is today and our son's birthday is Saturday. I'm am sure to get nostalgic later this week when I realize that our first born is turning thirteen! Where did that time go?

The St Patrick's Day birthday is always fun, especially considering he's 100% Norwegian and was born on the patron saint of the Ireland's Day of Glory. Happy Birthday, Honey! I'm blessed to call you my best friend and husband and the best father for our children. If only you didn't bleed "burnt orange" you'd be perfect! I love the fact that on your birthday, the biggest "party" day of the year, you are coming home for a Taco Dinner and then leading a group of young people at Confirmation tonight. What a Godly man you are to put Him first on your big day!

I made Pico de Gallo from scratch for you in honor of your favorite state. Plus, I thought that might make the boring old tacos seem somewhat fancy. I'll have you know, however, that Miss A is very disappointed that we are not eating at church tonight since Chicken Nuggets and Bread Sticks Night is her favorite meal there. According to her, I should look the other way tonight when we get to church because she's gonna steal a nugget.

Your presents are waiting on the fireplace and, if Miss A and Miss M don't tell you about them first, I'm sure you are going to love them! We'll celebrate for "real" this weekend! By real of course, I mean we'll go out to a real restaurant and I'll take pictures and we'll tell the waiter it's C's birthday and watch a 13 year old blush when they sing to him.

Happy Birthday! May you always have the luck of the Irish!!

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