Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rushing Thanksgiving and Missing the Blessings

Why is that we are in such a hurry? I'm just as guilty as the next person, but it seems like we are in such a rush to get through something, finish tasks, and get to the next "thing" that we are missing the little joys of life.

For instance, Christmas lights and trees are up and shinning all over town. I get that in the Midwest sometimes you need to put up the outside lights before mid-November for fear of snow and cold, but do you need to turn them on before Thanksgiving?

It's like Thanksgiving is the ugly stepsister. Forgotten. Pushed Aside.

Have we become a Nation so consumed by the commercialization of Christmas that we are willing to pillage Thanksgiving in the process and view it only as a day off to gear up for the really big day of shopping on Friday.

Isn't Thanksgiving suppose to be a day we set aside to give thanks to our God for the blessings he has bestowed upon us as a people, a country, and a family?

I love the excitement of Christmas, but I like it to start after first taking time for gratitude and thanksgiving. I'm sometimes embarrassed to think that our country can no longer take the time to really focus on the meaning Thanksgiving itself. It is the only non-commercial gift giving holiday left. It is the only one really set aside for us to give back to God and thank Him for His abundance.

Maybe that's the problem. There is not a gimmick with Thanksgiving. There is not a man in a Red Suit or No Candy to give away. There are not any presents to buy. It takes from us rather than gives to us. It takes us setting aside time to list off our thanks.

It makes me sad to think that Thanksgiving plays second fiddle to shopping and bargains. I am sad that stores will be "Open All Day on Thanksgiving" to catch those ready to get a jump start on the "Holiday Season".

Guess I'm a little Old Fashioned. I like my Thanksgiving to come first with Advent and Christmas coming later. It seems to me that Thanksgiving Turkey with a side of Black Friday Pie is a little unappetizing. Now College Football is something that I really enjoy!

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