Saturday, November 7, 2009

Great Family Movie: A Plumm Summer

We had a family movie night last night and saw a great flick that your whole family will enjoy. It was our 16th Wedding Anniversary and we decided to celebrate "family style" with a homecooked meal Chicken Meatballs ala Smitten Kitchen (Yummo!) with Sparkling Apple Cider for the kids and Berringer Wine for the Adults ( in rememberance of our honeymoon trip to San Fran and Napa Valley).

Our movie pick was Plumm Summer a movie that got horrible reviews from the critics, but got rave reviews from our family. Set in Montana in the 1960's, this movie reminded me of a classic Disney tale from childhood. A story about a children's television icon that is kidnapped and how some young dectectives try to solve the mystery. It's a thrilling who-dunn-it family friendly flick.

The movie had a great story of redemption, forgiveness, friendship, and family triumph. There are some tough scenes to watch that dealt with alcoholism and the damage it causes to a family, but the underlying message of courage, hope and forgiveness make this a great topic of discussion later.

All three kids loved it and it was movie that my husband and I enjoyed watching as well. There were closed eyes for scarry parts, cheers and claps for great moments, and oohs and aahs over the "romance." Just what the doctor ordered for a family movie night.

Classic lines from our movie watching party:

Miss A: " She was involved from the beggining mom, I knew it"

Miss A: "That was a great movie, even if we didn't have popcorn."

Miss M: "I just love movies like that, don't you."

Mr. C: "Why don't they make movies like this anymore?"

There is just something about snuggling up as a family and watching a movie together!

FYI: Family Video Stores are running a special until November 24th : $1.00 for all New Releases for 5 Days!! (No they aren't paying me to say that, but they could if they wanted too)

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you, A Plumm Summer was a special and fun family film that the whole family could actually enjoy together, unlike most of these films today that are called family films, there is nothing family about them and they certainly don't provide entertainment for the whole family, as the genre title would like you to believe.

Thanks for sharing your family experience it was a pleasure to read and we in my family feel the same. Big kudos to A Plumm Summer.