Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Will Rise: Grammy's Finally Home

Grammy is finally Home in Heaven. Her journey here on earth complete.

Can't imagine the excitement in my grandfather's eyes when he saw her arrive last night.

When I told M this morning about Grammy her first words were , "I bet she loves Heaven."

I know she does. While we are sad today and will miss her presence in our lives nothing compares to knowing where she is and how wonderful her Homecoming must have been with all those who have gone before her.

This song by Chris Tomlin in one of my favorites. The kids and I sing along to this all the time in the car. Hearing A's little voice sing out " I will rise" just warms my heart. It's impossible to describe the joy that comes from knowing that Heaven awaits us and by trusting in Jesus we will again "Rise".

Death has no victory.

If you don't know where you are going at the end of your life or are not sure the way to heaven check out this sight/link. Jesus is waiting for you! Both now and when your time here is done.

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jodi said...

Jill - beautiful post...despite it being a time of sadness. You and your family are in prayers...and I am certain that M has it just right about your Grandma loving Heaven!