Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Break Trip .. We Had Fun Fun Fun Even Without the Sun.

We just got back from a visit to Chicagoland. Not exactly what you would call a tropical Spring Break Trip, but no one seemed to mind we were bundling up in winter duds instead of laying in the hot sun. In fact, until our drive home yesterday, I'm not sure we saw much of the sun, but we did see snowshowers, rain, and clouds.

Truthfully. the weather had very little impact on our plans or our fun. We had a blast and A said that everything on the trip was her favorite. I think our trip to American Girl Place might have had a slight edge over the 7 hour drive, but she "loved it all".

Hanging out with Bestemor and Bestefar was fabulous according to M and both she and A had tears in their eyes as we drove away. It's fun to watch that tradition carry on of the crying as the grandparents leave. All three kids have had complete meltdowns as little kids whenever we leave the grandparents after extended visits. Whether we've been visiting our snowbird local grandparents for a week or having the Chicago grandparents with us, there have been tears.

I think of it as storing up memories. Our visit to the American Girl Doll Place included a lovely time at the Cafe for High Tea. Bestemor treated us to a fun time and we had so much fun sharing around the little table. A was on cloud nine as she received Molly the American Girl as an early Birthday Present. I think Bestemor almost got tackled with thanks and hugs. M was thrilled to take her "Just Like Me" AG Doll to tea and for her to wear the Norwegian Bunad (native costume) that Bestemor had made for her. When we got home yesterday, A was busy introducing Molly to our home. Too Cute!!

The Boys of the group got to experience the Museum of Science and Industry and had a great time. It's times like this that I wish we had two cameras or that I could fly and be at both events at the same time. I'm not sure Bestefar, C or Dad wished they could of gone to AG, but I could easily have had fun at the museum.

One of the great memories of the trip involved C creating crosses out of the palm frans we got at Church on Palm Sunday. What a great way to take the concrete image of the Palms and turn them into the cross.

No trip to Chicago is complete, however, unless we go to IKEA and wander about. That is quite the store. I'm excited for one of the projects we brought home, a unfinished wooden frame box that you cover with fun fabric and hang on the wall. I'm already envisioning the great fabric choices for M's room.

Spring Break is winding down here quietly, and we are anticipating a wonderful Easter Celebration on Sunday. Tonight, we'll start off the Easter preparation with a Maundy Thursday Last Supper Reenactment. C and M are so excited. It's so fun to see them "get" the real meaning and significance of Easter each year.

We have Resurrection Eggs to look forward too, Resurrection Buns to make and eat, and of course, maybe a little Easter Egg coloring, too. Now I just have to dig out my cookbook to remember how to make Hard Boiled Eggs.

Don't get me started on how bad I am with "breakfast food cooking". I hate most of the items served at breakfast and as a result don't know how to cook them.
Happy Easter.

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Sounds like a GREAT time!